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Do you have an event to organize, promote and conduct? There is no better way than promote in Internet with the aid of Cincopa hosting solutions.

Promoting an event nowadays is an ambiguous task. On the one hand making it popular is easier than ever, with the aid of Internet and variety of social networking solutions. On the other hand, making your event standing out from the rest is a task worthy discussing further. With aid for event organizers and promoters comes Cincopa, offering image and video hosting solutions that will enrich your event gallery.

While promoting an event, the best idea would be posting a promotional gallery of photos from the recent events, photos of place where the upcoming event will be located and other related to the event pictures. Social networking offers some basic tools to make a gallery, but to stand out from competition, one should use an extraordinary solution to underline professionalism and dedication to the case. With Cincopa solutions your event info webpage will shine. First of all Cincopa development team took as their main aim simplicity in working with the uploaded content. Technical problems are reduced to minimum for the end user. With the burden of tasks like resizing the photos, making everything fit, moved to our side, your only problem will be choosing the best content to promote your event. To make it happen you just need to upload your photos to Cincopa account, choose a skin for the gallery and embed a simple code on your website. Your code will be automatically updated whenever you would add new information like photos from the organized event. There is a vast array of options waiting for you to try out, allowing you to make your gallery as attractive as you can possibly imagine.

Event Image Gallery Example

Use This Skin

To make your website template for events even more stunning, a video gallery would be a great addition. Videos tend to show events in a lively fashion, especially viable for promoting concerts, performances or trade fairs. With Cincopa as your video host, making an event video will be simple, fast and delightful to watch. Upload and embedding is as easy as with photos. Your videos are automatically resized and fitted for various resolutions, browsers, screens and mobile devices. You can choose from a vast collection of video players. What is more, your event video will not be lost among many similar on Youtube. There are no ads showed before or during watching your video, so your viewers will not be distracted by them nor by content of your competition. You can distribute your Cincopa content through various social channels and analyze your event advertising strategy with our analytics tool, showing the number of views, the distribution between domains and the traffic generated daily, monthly and all time.

Event video gallery example

Use This Skin

To make your event organizing ever more professional, your video portals as well as the individual videos are provided with beneficial SEO features such as titles, descriptions and metadata, making them optimized for searching.

With Cincopa as your business partner, your event organization and promotion will be top notch, whether you are organizing a party, wedding or a large concert.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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