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Hotel Website Design is Never Complete without a Stunning Photo Gallery

When people look for a hotel they usually search the internet for information; therefore, having a professional and attractive hotel website is essential. Most hotel website templates, either custom made or purchased as a hotel WordPress theme, include contact details, maps, reservation options and different categories for all the services offered by the hotel.

Obviously, the average hotel WordPress themes, as well as other hotel website templates, commonly comprise images of the hotel. However, even if there is a photo feature or a built-in gallery, it is rather clumsy to handle, it uses your server's quota, and most importantly, both its performance and looks are often pretty basic.

Since hotels are associated with pleasure, relaxation and luxuries, a high quality hotel website design should reflect those exact sensations in order to lure potential guests. The most attractive and convincing way to do that is by showing the magic and glamour of the place. Displaying an advanced hotel photo gallery with amazing and enticing photos of the hotel view, swimming pool, rooms and suites and other facilities and outdoor areas, will do a better job than any complementing text or independent images.

Hotel photo slideshow demo

Create Free, High-end Hotel Photo gallery and Video Player

You can easily upgrade your hotel website design by adding modern and stylish photo slideshow, image gallery, video player and even an audio player with an auto player option that provides a desirable ambience.

Cincopa provides a wide range of rich media widgets, which you may insert anywhere in any HTML page, CMS site or promote in numerous social channels. Cincopa galleries are very simple and fast to create, embed and manage. A hotel photo gallery is both hosted and distributed by Cincopa, which means the files are fully protected, and users enjoy a fast and smooth display no matter what their location is. All conversions, photo resizing, special effects and other technical requirements are performed automatically by the software. You get the privilege to change the skin, customization options and content at any time from any device connected to your Cincopa account.

Cincopa offers various responsive gallery skins, photo galleries with Cooliris view, image slideshows with captivating transitions, audio and video players with playlists and multiple setting options that grant you with a full control over the display appearance and performance.

Hotel photo gallery demo

Let your Hotel Website Shine

The website is the online entity of the hotel, and there is no room for compromises. You must impress people and get their immediate attention; otherwise, they will not stay long enough to read about what you have to offer, and certainly, will not make a reservation.

When you add a professional photo gallery to your hotel website, you do not only wow your visitors, but you also create an engagement. People today do not have much patience for reading, but they do like to browse gorgeous photos and videos. Cincopa photo galleries for hotels are developed by rich media experts that specialize in creating multimedia widgets, which you can use for free. Whether you already have a WordPress theme for hotels another premade or custom made hotel website template or you are about to establish a brand new website for a hotel, there is no need to pay extra money or invest precious time in building video and photo galleries from scratch.

Video player demo of a show

Cincopa allows you to create lots of different galleries and upload an unlimited number of files to illustrate the various room types, the hotel public areas, videos that present the entertainment options etc. within merely a few minutes.

Channel your efforts wisely, come up with stunning photos and attractive videos, and let the masters take care of the rest.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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