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Outdoors website gallery ideas through Cincopa hosting offer

Traveling in our times is getting easier and cheaper with every passing year. More and more people both young, full of energy and enthusiasm and old, already retired with a lot of time seek ways to spend their time outdoors. Since the nearest region might get boring quickly, many seek inspiration for the next travel in the internet. Here an outdoors website gallery may come handy.

There are two kinds of traveling websites created with different purpose in mind.

First ones are commercial sites that are aimed at clients that want to buy a specific trip to a foreign country; the second ones are traveling sites aimed at people seeking inspiration and advice in their own travels. Both require an outstanding image and video hosting solution that Cincopa is eager to offer.

Wow slider gallery

First let’s have a look at image hosting requirements for landscape photography gallery that a traveling website will surely be full of. One of the basic needs of an image heavy site is an appropriate, inspiring skin set that will in itself inspire viewers. With Cincopa there are over 40 to choose from, that will fit to the nature of the photos. Then the photos added to the gallery should be resized and organized in different, thematic galleries like nature photos gallery or ones depicting a famous city or historic site. Cincopa offers an amazing option of automatic resizing of your photos. This feature takes from you an unnecessary burden of dealing with technical aspects of your image gallery, allowing you to focus on the content and your description of the shown places. After uploading your photos to Cincopa “cloud” drive this solution will automatically generate a code for you to embed on your site. Your image gallery will be automatically updated whenever you will add new photos, so you do not have to worry about coming back to technical aspects every time a new image is added.

Mosaic video gallery

But how to create outdoor activities website that will go a few steps further? The answer is simple; apart from exhibiting photos you can also place videos of magnificent places like enormous waterfalls, deep chasms or unexpected events that happened to you while traveling like meeting an exotic animal or intriguing local. These experiences will make your presentation fuller; give some live action to the beautiful yet stale photo galleries. With Cincopa as your video hosting provider this feature is easier than ever to embed into your website. You just have to upload your content to your account and let wizard guide you through the process. Cincopa developers are well aware that most of the users are not programmers; therefore a very intuitive and simple in use solution was created. Multiple customizable templates were created at your disposal to suit to your needs guaranteeing that your viewers will not forget the sights that you have prepared for them. Cincopa serves you a fast and reliable streaming as well as upload and embedment as easy as in case of image gallery. Once more most of the technical aspects will be solved by Cincopa, leaving you only with making a choice of your content to expose.

It maters not whether you are a business oriented site owner that wants to organize trips, or a landscape photography enthusiast; Cincopa gives anyone the best possible video and image hosting solutions making your traveling website ideas come true.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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