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Your portfolio website as a key to success - Useful tips with Cincopa image hosting solution

An online portfolio is becoming one of the most important career documents that a successful artist can present to his future employer. A well constructed portfolio is a business card for an artist than states his creativity, talent, technique and expertise. It is something that a demanding employer will not miss in the spate of application documents and files. A well done portfolio website should be attuned to the style of maker and rich in various contents like photography, videos about making displayed objects, interviews or even media feedback. Cincopa offers portfolio website solutions that should be taken into consideration while making a new portfolio or remaking an existing one.

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The main aim while creating Cincopa was to take as many technical issues from the end user as possible. The result achieved by Cincopa think tank is a congeneric solution that can be used as portfolio website all in one. This way you can focus on the quality of your content instead of battling with the interface of software written by web designers for web designers.

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Here are some useful tricks on how to create a portfolio website:

The first step while creating a portfolio, should be determining the aim. You should ask yourself who will be the target audience and what do you want to underline in your presentation. If your goal is just to give an overall insight into your works, then a simple image gallery should do the work. With Cincopa there is not much to be done beyond choosing the best images.

1Select a skin

The first step is choosing skin for your gallery, with over 40 skins to choose from.

2Upload your best work

The second one is uploading your works, with all the resizing done for you by Cincopa.


You will just have to organize them as you please in your photo gallery and a code will be generated for you to place it anywhere on the web. Moreover, you will be able to modify your content at any time and the code will be automatically updated.

Of course you may want to prepare different portfolios to emphasize different aspects of your works. This is perfectly possible with Cincopa. Moreover, if possible you should also include in your portfolio video recordings of you working on your pieces of art, describing the process of making a sculpture or an icon, or a narrative from your exposition in art gallery. Portfolio website ideas with Cincopa are limited by your creativity.

Pop-up video work

Applying videos to your portfolio is very easy. You just have to upload it to your Cincopa account and then embed it anywhere you like, with all the technical conversions done for you by our software. This causes all of your videos to be scaled and fitter for all browsers, screens and mobile devices. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) placed on servers around the world provides the highest delivery speed.

At this point it just takes your decision to start your successful portfolios with Cincopa website solutions and gain attention of customers and employers.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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