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Captivating wedding website theme with Cincopa

A wedding is a day in one’s life that should be especially revered and, if possible, immortalized in photography or even video. Wedding photography is extraordinary. Every guest and the couple are ready and prepared to be photographed, the whole ceremony and atmosphere surrounding this event just asks to be photographed both for the couple and their family, as well as for photographer to use wedding pictures as his advertisement for the potential clients.

As a professional photographer you probably already know, that the best business card you can show to your customer is a professional photo gallery. Times where gallery was curbed by the size of window exposition in a photo studio are thankfully over. A successful photographer will use a website to present his works, gather interest and new clients. But what one should do if his web design skills are rather poor or one does not have much time or money to prepare a suitable website on his own? These crucial questions as well as other no less important were taken into consideration by the authors of Cincopa - a web design solution, done with easiness of use and great appearance in mind.

White background image gallery

The most distinctive feature of Cincopa is the idea of taking all of the technicalities from the user, like reshaping the photos, fitting them in particular places on the website and many other, often time consuming and frustrating activities. Instead, Cincopa offers a wide array of options, skins for your wedding pictures gallery as well as help from our dedicated support team, would you have problems, questions or feedback.

Cincopa is well fitted for people seeking to prepare and present their photos in a professional way; someone like you, willing to present wedding photos in a captivating setting, well fitting with the elevated yet felicitous atmosphere of preparations, marriage, wedding reception and of course wedding photo session for the couple.

One of the most common features of wedding website gallery is slideshow from the best photos from previous wedding sessions, as well as the best ones from particular sessions. Cincopa offers a video/photo slideshow application, fully compatible with any website or blog. One of the key features of Cincopa is a plethora of programs that are supported, like Joomla, vBulletin, WorldPress and many others.

Moving image slider gallery

The formula is simple; you just have to set up a free Cincopa account, choose one from many available skins for your gallery, add content, and embed a code received to your website. There are many skins to choose from with even wider choice of personal preferences. Surely you will find something suitable for your wedding website theme. Then you add your photos to the “cloud” by just dragging them to the chosen folders, with all the technical problems like resizing and conversion done by Cincopa. Finally you add files to the slideshow and Cincopa will take care for everything else, generating a code for you to place anywhere on your website.

Of course slideshow is just one of the many possible solutions. A classic picture gallery is also available, as well as video hosting options, since many customers prefer to have, apart from photos, a live footage capturing unprepared guests and the couple. These are also possible to prepare within Cincopa with formula as simple as one presented above for slideshows. The video streaming solutions are reliable and fast, giving your clients a great experience while browsing your gallery of wedding photos and videos.

Now it is up to you to prepare your content, upload it and profit. Good luck in your business and have a great Cincopa experience.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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