10 Ways to Engage with Customers Using Video Marketing

Video content is slowly becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing strategies globally. With the endless troves of video content from various niches, it’s as if customers are expecting that you should share engaging video content.

With the attention span of consumers slowly declining due to busy schedules and managing multiple side hustles, video content has prevailed as the best way to communicate your message. However, video content also has to be crafted well and curated in the most efficient manner possible to get the best video analytics results. How can video content be used effectively to boost market performance? Here are ten ways to engage with customers using video marketing:

  1. Lose the cast, use animations for video creation

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A major bottleneck in creating video content is casting actors and production of a video recording set. This results in constant delays in generating new video content leading to fewer engagement by consumers with a company’s brand. 

What can be a solution to this? Avoid the physical constraints of casting and video recording studios. Instead, use animation illustrations such as the ones available on Powtoons

With animations, all you need is a storyline and relatable animated characters to bring your vision to life with a powerful video solution platform. The frequency of creating meaningful content for your consumers will be much faster, as you grow familiar with the video creation process. As a result, you will captivate your target audience’s attention by sharing content much more frequently and thus building greater brand awareness with your audience.

  2. Conducting video interviews

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Depending on the industry you are in, video interviews could be all that your viewers need to get them hooked. Mostly amongst consultation agencies or even B2B corporations, hosting interviews with industry experts can go a long way. By inviting industry experts onto a video interview, you are in turn associating the brand at large with that notable individual. Also, if the video interview was informative to consumers, they will be eagerly awaiting for the next one.

By maintaining consistency in this regard, there are many benefits that can be derived from this initiative. You can also get exposed to ideas and thoughts from industry experts, thus improving your own knowledge base. The benefits of hosting video content are multifold and far surpass captivating an audience only.

  3. Going live on social channels

Live videos on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have steadily become a trend, especially amongst personal brands. There is no reason for this trend not to be used by companies as well on certain occasions. For example, brands can host their product launches globally by using live video streaming for a wider audience. 

At the same time, they can dedicate certain days to host Q&A sessions where consumer questions are answered in greater detail. Brands can use live videos to even host interviews with industry leaders building thought leadership. If you would like to host a pop-up market, going live can also be an option to bring the fun to those who couldn’t make it.

  4. Recording and sharing webinars

B2B businesses usually have many whitepapers or product information that might need to be explained before rolling it out. In such cases, the brand might need to host webinars to explain the product in greater detail and answer any questions. However, webinars are mostly live and businesses tend not to save and publish them for their target audience. 

This is a failing point for businesses because the webinar could be helpful for future references. It could also be helpful for onboarding clients later on. Instead of hosting the webinar again, you can just refer to the recorded one. Make this long-form as insightful as possible to share with future customers and for it to captivate the relevant audience you are targeting. Through robust API technology businesses can integrate zoom and record live webinar on Cincopa to manage their resources better.

  5. Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is one effective method of getting your message across in an interesting and captivating manner. You can tell your brand story by highlighting the impact the business has on its targeted audience. For example, you can highlight your mission statement by encouraging User Generated Content of consumers to relay their stories. You can even invite some super fans to a professional video recording studio to create some interesting and captivating studio-level content.

Alternatively, video interviewing the founding members and even the employees can help with brand storytelling. In whatever you choose, ensure that the content is compelling and emotional enough to make consumers stay and want to know more. That’s why personal stories make a huge difference when it comes to brand storytelling.

  6. Captivating the audience using video ads

Video ads are where it is at with all the kinds of content users are consuming. For example, consider YouTube videos and how they are popularly used nowadays. On social media, users are focusing mostly on video content more than anything else. You can carefully use the provisions found on such platforms to draw more users to your pages. 

By carefully crafting video ads, capturing the video analytics of audiences can be much easier and effective. However, consider the time limit of the overall ad while also considering that users might skip the video. Try to circumvent them from skipping by saying all the important stuff in less than 15 seconds. Alternatively, write a script that is intriguing and wouldn’t let users want to miss out by skipping.

  7. Partaking in some social media challenges

Social media channels such as TikTok have an abundance of challenges you can take part in. Some of these challenges range from dancing to popular songs to helpful life hacks. You can partake in both types of challenges. Taking part in trendy challenges will reveal the fun part of the brand. 

The targeted audience might start seeing you and the employees as real people, thus encouraging long-term brand relationships. Alternatively, partaking in social challenges depicting life hacks can help you market the products you’re selling. Solving a common problem or creating a life hack through your products will capture a greater target audience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to being part of social media challenges.

  8. Posting engaging POV videos

POV videos are the new kids on the block in terms of digital video marketing and captivating an audience. Some brands have taken a different approach to share a behind the scenes view of what goes on when fulfilling an order. Depending on the type of business, these videos can be very satisfying to watch and bring customers closer. 

Such engaging POV videos can help gain more followers interested in the brand and generate sales through video marketing campaigns. You can get as creative as you’d like when generating POV content. For example, HubSpot engages in an initiative to show how different employees conduct their work on a daily basis while working home. This proves that you can engage in posting such content regardless of the industry you are in.

  9. Creating how-to video content

Undoubtedly, how-to videos are evergreen content that can attract consumers for as long as they need to learn that skill. There are different ways to make how-to video content work for you. One of the most popular ways to do this is by endorsing your products through how-to content. 

By using their products in how-to-videos, e-commerce companies can supercharge their stores leading the viewers feeling compelled to make a purchase. On the other hand, how-to content can simply be used to build a virtual community. By creating how-to content, you’d be establishing yourself as an industry expert. Hence, the viewers would start regarding the brand as industry thought leaders, leading to a captivated audience. Explore which angles are best suited for the business you’re running and make the most out of it.

  10. Getting creative recording video content

Since many brands are also recording video content, be as creative as possible when undertaking this task. A company must be up to date with market trends to create engaging video content. Also, consider some creative ways that can help you record video content even when you’re on the go. 

Having a pop-up mini studio setup with good lighting can go a long way when recording video content. Being knowledgeable about the latest video editing trends will help produce beautiful content that engages the audience and builds a virtual community. You can either take online classes, YouTube tutorials or even read the latest books.


In conclusion

Video content is not always engaging but following these ten tips or the ones most relevant to you, it is possible to captivate an audience. The most important aspect here is ensuring that you are never out of touch with the latest trends. Those trends could be related to social media features, video editing or even recording. Lastly, always try to remember how to angle your content to meet a certain overall goal like boosting sales or building virtual communities.

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Originally published on July 22nd, 2021
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10 Ways to Engage with Customers Using Video Marketing

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