Cincopa Vs YouTube: Which is Better for Your Business?

YouTube is awesome. It has come a long way since the infamous early days of cat videos. It has assumed its rightful place as one  of the pillars of the internet, and as the inarguable channel through which free videos can be dispersed and viewed.

But is it really the best place to host your videos?

YouTube is a great choice if your looking to just get your videos out there. 

But, like other business departments, marketing and branding personnel need to be able to analyze their efforts.

Most marketing departments are going to be judged by lead generation and conversion.

YouTube offers marketers little to no way of seeing who, when, where and how much of your videos are being watched. How can you be expected to guide a lead along the marketing and sales funnel if you can’t even point to who, where, and what exactly he viewed?

Let’s explore how video hosting platforms, such as Cincopa, stack up to YouTube in terms of analytics, automation and engagement:

Audience scale

YouTube is designed for content creators to share and monetize their videos. It offers many ways to promote content to a huge audience of over one billion users. However, with such a massive audience, the environment is quite competitive.

It is easy for videos to be drowned out by thousands of others.

“Viewers who watch videos on YouTube are also often distracted by pre-roll ads and recommended content. They could be watching a video of yours, and within 9 seconds find themselves watching NFL highlights,  forgetting they ever even clicked on your content.

Using a private video hosting platform, like Cincopa, allows you to curate your users viewing experience.

Cincopa enables you to build personal video pages. That way you essentially ‘lock’ your prospect within your site. The layout is similar to YouTube’s. So, even when a lead is tempted by an intriguing video, he’d be ditching one piece of content, for another one of your videos.


Tell your story with the

Power of Video


Having videos on YouTube has its advantages. After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. So, if you want your video to appear in the search result, you should also publish them on your YouTube channel.

However, to truly reap the valuable SEO benefits your brand needs in order to grow, you need to embed videos on your website, using a sophisticated video host, like Cincopa. With JSON-LD, an SEO-friendly embed code standard, Cincopa encourages search engines to rank your content and drive traffic to your website.


YouTube gives you the possibility to customize the display on your site such as removing the branding and controlling how the player behaves. That’s about the extent of it.

With Cincopa’s online video player, your videos will have a look and feel that are truly-unique to you.  The platform is easy to use and offers a wide range of customization options. More importantly, it is fully responsive, so it’s optimized to fit all screen size. You can also choose the way in which your video interacts with the screen by selecting the floating video player option. Giving your users a window with video playing inside while they scroll over the content on a page.

Engagement and Lea-gen

Sure, engagment it is an overused, buzzword at this point. But if someone fails to connect with your video within the first 3 seconds, you can more or less forget about him or her converting.

YouTube offers some engagment-enducing, such as the ability to post comments on videos with integration with users’ Google+ accounts. The ability to comment on most videos can contribute as well (not always in a positive way, though).

With Cincopa, you can boost your engagement rate by using videos tools such as annotations, subtitles, personalized call-to-actions and more. Create a branded visual experience for viewers by using Cincopa video tools and generate more leads.

It doesn’t end there.

Cincopa offers lead generation forms and allows gated video content to capture more email leads. Additionally, you can access the lead generator directly from the video gallery editor and a user-friendly email form pops up at the point you want it to in your video. You can customize the form and allow viewers to skip it or gate your content by making it non-skippable.

Video analytics

Here’s where YouTube really falls short. Creators really can’t know how their audience consumes their videos. Hell, they really don’t know who their audience is.

With Cincopa, your business benefits from in-depth analytics that helps you understand how your video is performing, down to individual user behavior. In the Live Feed section, you have access to a list of all video viewers, including those who share their contact information with you.

On the user screen, you can see viewers’ details such as the email address, first and last name. You also have access to a video viewing summary, average engagement, location, IP address, operating system, and browser version. Compare the number and quality of video views with purchases to identify the key to successful sales.



Cincopa allows you to securely manage all your video assets from a single platform. You can deliver videos across any platform, screen, device, and browser.

Using Cincopa allows you to be in the driver’s seat. For example, Cincopa has a YouTube integration button that allows you to upload all your content on Cincopa and share it directly on YouTube. In fact, you can deliver your content on any platform in the most engaging way by using video slideshows, galleries, and live streaming.

Create playlists by uploading any number of files to a single video player and present them in a vertical or horizontal form. You have the opportunity to use a variety of video player, video portal and video gallery templates to organize your videos.

Integration partners

YouTube has all the leverage in the world. It does not have any notable integrating partners. ‘Take it or leave it’ is basically their business proposition toward creators and video publishers.

With Cincopa, it’s easy to connect your account with external email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. All data submitted by video viewers in the email form is saved automatically to a specified email list.

When you want to launch an email campaign, you can do so instantaneously as all the information is ready to use. Seamless integration with your business solutions, such as your marketing automation system or your content management system helps to improve the ROI of your videos.


The help offered on YouTube includes free help documentation and access to a rather crowded support community.

Hosting with Cincopa offers you more personalized support. For example, the technical support you receive could significantly help your business if you do not have that much video expertise. A professional and support team is available around the clock for assistance with any question, problem or request.


So, when we pin Cincopa vs. YouTube, who comes out on top?
Well, the two are very different platforms with very different purposes. Each platform has different advantages and relies on different business models.
Hosting your videos on YouTube is free, it has a huge audience, your videos may perform well in search, and you have access to some ways to gauge ROI.
But, is has some glaring disadvantages for business owners and enterprises. Keeping your audience engaged (and preventing them from getting lost in the tube) is really challenging. And, most glaring is the lack of tools to analyze video watching patterns, viewer identity and other crucial lead and conversion-related information.

Cincopa offers a fast, reliable, customizable solution for business owners, e-commerce and education purposes. It allows you to engage, teach and market through the use of video, images, and audio.

Use great ways to engage and generate leads, analyze your results and seamlessly integrate with your other business solutions to create the best ROI from your videos. Enjoy complete privacy, superior stability, scalability and customization options without any need to know how to code.


Cincopa Vs YouTube: Which is Better for Your Business?

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