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How Customer Success can Leverage Personalized Videos

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Ask any marketer or sales rep; personalized videos simply move the needle.

Email Monks found that using personalized video results in a 280% greater return than traditional email. SalesLoft saw a 75% increase in close rates after deploying personal videos at scale.

This begs an important question:


If they work so well in converting customers, why not use personalized videos to retain them, as well?


According to Zendesk’s 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report, a whooping 76% of customers expect personal customer service.
Now, more than ever, personalized videos should be the weapon of choice for customer success managers.


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Customer success is becoming increasingly personal

Customers who obtain value from services they pay for don’t quit for no reason. There is always a disconnect and it isn’t necessarily due to the value of the service you provide.

A customer might say they canceled their subscription because it was “too expensive”. But, there is usually more to the story than that. Dig deeper, and you might find out that your customer’s expectations weren’t in-line with what you were offering.

Of course, you’re never going to find out these hidden, underlying reasons for customer churn without communicating with your customers. What you might find out is that the act of communication itself – and the medium you use to do it – can make all the difference.

This is because customer success increasingly depends on the personal touch. The typical help center-based approach is not enough to drive engagement in today’s customer-centric world. Text messages written in a chat box can only go so far, even if you’ve already invested in a state-of-the-art AI-powered chatbot to do it.


The fact is that video drives customer success and retention.
The more personalized your videos are, the better.


The more expensive your service or product is, the greater the ROI of personalized video content can be. This is one of the main reasons why the account-based marketing strategies of huge SaaS enterprises so often rely on personalized video.

When a single customer account drives hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, you want to give that customer premium treatment. Personalized content breaks down barriers and guarantees that account isn’t going anywhere without you.


Personalized Videos

Creating personalized videos doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive

When you mention personalized videos to business owners, they immediately imagine an expensive film studio setup, with scriptwriters and special effects crews on-hand. They come up with painstaking production scenarios that take untold hours to execute. Then they dismiss the idea entirely.

That’s not how personalized videos work.

At all.


A customer success video can be a simple screenshare created with RecTrace. You can research, record, and polish the finished product in fifteen minutes.


You’re not looking to wow your customer with a Hollywood-style budget – you’re opening up a personal connection with them through a visual medium.

In this scenario, it’s not the visual content itself that delivers value, but the connection that it fosters. All you really need is a customer relationship management system that supports video personalization and a few good ideas.


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Put your CRM to work alongside your video hosting platform

A great video hosting platform is also a digital asset management solution. It gives you the ability to organize your video content and configure permissions between multiple users. Cincopa Teams is an example of exactly how our video hosting platform achieves market-leading DAM performance.


Cincopa lets you group together users and give them specific access rights. This might mean that certain employees can only edit videos while others can only upload them or publish them.


It might mean that entire departments have specified roles and permissions for handling your company’s video assets.

This is incredibly important when leveraging personalized video for customer success. You need to empower your customer success team to research, create, and publish videos without necessarily having the technical experience that a video professional enjoys.

You need to put the right people in the right place, working together to deliver a seamless experience to your highest-impact customers. With data flowing in from your CRM, you can establish video personalization workflows that guarantee your customers get the premium treatment they expect.

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Switch Account helps drive customer success

Cincopa was designed to be used by any and all company team members. Everyone in your organization can enjoy access to your digital media, with the appropriate permissions and security settings configured.

You can grant access to users and establish roles directly from your Cincopa account. You can also switch and change accounts, and easily manage different accounts based on region or language.

You can create and manage accounts for specific customers, as well. This account-based marketing approach helps you track and organize the personalized videos destined for that account.


The ability to switch between accounts means that any employee with the appropriate permissions can record him or herself with RecTrace and add their video to your collection. Similarly, any customer success team member can find the right video to serve their customers at the right time. They don’t have to wait for someone to send it to them.


Doing this is easy. Any customer success team member can navigate to Cincopa’s homepage to switch between the various Cincopa accounts used by the team. If you’ve set a customer-specific account and given the customer success team access, then you’re ready to go.

Once a team member switches accounts and click on the RecTrace icon on their browser, all of the videos associated with that account will pop up. You can now leverage the full value of your video assets when communicating with high-value customer accounts.


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Deploy a video hosting platform that supports customer success

Cincopa Switch Account and account-based marketing management is particularly well-suited to high-impact subscription-based services with a premium touch. If your customers value your service for the one-on-one attention you give them, being able to deliver that attention in video format can be  game-changing.

Deploy a fully featured video hosting platform that supports account-based marketing and bring your customers closer to your brand than ever before.

Originally published on December 18th, 2020, updated on February 14th, 2024
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How Customer Success can Leverage Personalized Videos

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