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Record and Share Video from Your Screen using RecTrace Chrome Extension

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RecTrace is an easy-to-use video screen recorder for Chrome. Cincopa’s RecTrace extension allows you to capture video from your screen, record your voice via webcam. And to install it, all it takes is one click on your Google Chrome browser!

rectrace chrome extension

Why should you choose RecTrace to record screen video?

Many free video recorders will add their branding to your clips or let you record only a limited number of videos before payment.
With RecTrace, you can start recording right away even if you don’t have a Cincopa account.

Your video will get uploaded to a feed, and you will be able to share the video with anyone online via a direct link.
The video starts recording instantly after you click on the RecTrace button in your browser.
If you want to add video to your website or blog, you should log in to Cincopa, open your assets, and grab an embed code from there.
You can track video performance with advanced video analytics.


Record vs. Library tab

Once you’ve successfully installed RecTrace, you’ll find its icon at the top right of your browser.

If you click on it, you’ll be presented with the option of clicking on two tabs:
Record or library.




rectrace recording

In the Record tab, you can choose exactly how you want to record yourself. You can choose to record yourself via webcam (by clicking on the webcam), record your screen exclusively, or combine both screen and webcam recordings.

You can dictate whether or not the recording will continue if you navigate between tabs and decide whether you want your computer to record while its audio is muted.

All recordings will be automatically uploaded to your Cincopa account.




rectrace recording

Clicking on the Library tab will grant you immediate access to any and all videos you have in your Cincopa account.
You will be able to send a link to a specific video, open the video in a new tab or delete it, if you choose to.

This can prove incredibly important for sales reps who need to access videos quickly.

You can take this a step further if you have access to more than one Cincopa account. All you’ll have to do is navigate to and click on Switch Account:


account site


Now, if you click on RecTrace, you’ll be able to access all the videos within that account!

RecTrace Features:

  • Record your screen with or without webcam video and sound;
  • Share recorded video via URL, email or social networks;
  • Your video can be played both on mobile and desktop;
  • Download the video to your device;
  • Embed video to any website or blog;
  • Access and manage all your videos anytime;
  • View detailed video analytics.


Who can use RecTrace?

Marketers – Promote your company or brand using screen video. Elevate your presentations, webinars, tutorials, or demos. Increase brand awareness and engage potential customers.

Online sellers – Present your products or services in action using screen video. Demonstrate reviews and walkthroughs to let your customers know how they can benefit by making a purchase.

Educators – Screen and webcam videos have proven their effectiveness for teaching people online. Add visual information to your LMS platform. Students perform better when video reinforces text learning.

Startups and geeks – Video screen recordings allows you to explain tasks, showcase different apps, present your business idea and share it with anyone in a fast and creative way.

Designers– Capture live user experience and feedback that includes vocal comments and facial expressions.

Development teams – Collaborate effectively using visualized reports and guides.

Try RecTrace now!

Originally published on June 25th, 2017, updated on October 27th, 2020
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Record and Share Video from Your Screen using RecTrace Chrome Extension

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