Cincopa API & Communication Platforms

Always stay on top of your game with Cincopa’s Slack Integration and Zapier Workflow Integration.

Using our Webhooks we opened up a whole new world of actionable real time events.

You can steam events directly into various Slack channels and generate automated workflows with 1000+ other apps using Zapier.

What Kind of Events?

Extremely Useful ones for agencies and teams to monitor any changes on their managed Cincopa accounts, for example:

Cincopa API & Communication Platforms
  • New Deleted Asset – Triggers when an asset is deleted.
  • New Uploaded Asset – Triggers when a new asset is uploaded.
  • New Gallery – Triggers when a new gallery is created.
  • New Deleted Gallery – Triggers when a gallery is deleted.
  • New File in Folder – Triggers when a new asset is added directly to a specific gallery
  • New File – Triggers when any new asset is added (inside of any folder).
  • Asset Synced – Triggers when the asset and all of its versions are stored on the server and ready to be delivered with the CDN.
  • Gallery Synced – Triggers when gallery and all of its assets stored on the server and ready to be delivered with the CDN.
  • Video Lead generation – Triggers when a video lead generation form is submitted.

Also, Sales and marketers can really take advantage of the Video Lead Generation Webhook which gives them the ability to passes the lead information to any slack channel (i.e. “Cincopa Video Leads”) and create Zapier workflows. for example: when a lead is submitted, Send a thank you email and insert the contact information into your CRM.