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Deliver consistent video streaming quality and speed at scale with Cincopa’s Video CDN. Let your viewers worldwide enjoy high-quality video playback without crashes or delays.

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Video CDN
video CDN

What is Video CDN?

Video CDN is short for video content delivery network or video content distribution network. CDN video streaming technology locates cached video data on multiple servers worldwide and delivers video to viewers from a server that is the closest to them. This allows publishers to deliver video content to their geographically dispersed audience at the highest speed and provide the best playback quality.

CDN video hosting for business

Powerful CDN video hosting for business

Smooth video content delivery is crucial for any online business. The quality of every particular viewer’s experience determines how well they become informed about your products or services, how they perceive your brand and how likely they will be to make a purchase. Hosting and streaming a big number of media assets requires high transfer capabilities, which might be too tough and expensive for personal servers. That’s why an online video platform (OVP) with video CDN streaming can be a perfect solution if your business needs to target international customers effectively.

Cincopa provides a private CDN video hosting platform that is backed by a powerful server network optimized for media-heavy content. Our solution ensures reliable content storage, full privacy and security, rapid video streaming, flawless playback, and optimal performance on all types of devices and screens. At the same time, you preserve complete control over your media, as well as the ability to easily access and manage your content.

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The benefits of Cincopa video CDN

Using Cincopa for CDN video hosting and streaming, adds value to your marketing and publishing strengths and enables you to reinforce your competitive advantage with high-quality video content and optimized video delivery.

Cincopa video CDN
fast performance

Fast performance

Cincopa’s CDN delivers your videos to viewers in the shortest time possible. They can play long videos and playlists on any device without buffering or delays.

hosting costs

Go Lean. Reduce your hosting costs

A dedicated video CDN platform like Cincopa saves your website’s bandwidth and reduces considerable hosting costs. Not having to deploy a media-heavy storage and content delivery system on your own, means you can focus on your core business.

website SEO<

Improving website SEO

When it comes to website SEO, page load time is a crucial factor that is considered by all search engines. With CDN video streaming, playback starts instantly, before the entire file is downloaded. When viewers get a flawless experience, they spend more time on your website, which in its turn increases its authority and positions in web search.


Higher engagement & conversion rates

Due to rapid video streaming, your website visitors become engaged with your content within the very first few seconds. This ensure high engagement and player time to increase ad earning and increased conversion rate for marketers.


Optimized performance on all devices

Cincopa video CDN optimizes video playback for all types of devices, including TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The streaming quality is adjusted in real time to a particular viewer’s network capabilities, device type and screen size in order to provide a consistent experience. All Cincopa’s video players are responsive and mobile-friendly. This makes your video fit perfectly into any custom design and be displayed perfectly on any screen.

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