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Set up your Cincopa HubSpot video integration

Set up your Hubspot integration

With the Cincopa Video HubSpot Integration, Analytics about your viewers and their various video interactions are passed directly into each contact record in your HubSpot account.


  • Video lead generation (new Hubspot contact creation)
  • What Videos have they watched and the % watched on each one
  • Video Heatmap (understand how a contact interacted with your video content on the deepest level)
  • Video Player Actions for HubSpot Marketing Automation workflows & lead scoring
  • Contact Timeline – Video Metadata

Note: Cincopa Video Integration Works with both Free and premium HubSpot accounts.

Need help? our customer success manager will be more than happy to assist.

We suggest you simply try it out yourself by Connecting directly from within your Cincopa account.

Set up Cincopa for Hubspot

To set up your Cincopa video HubSpot integration, complete the following steps

1.Log into your Cincopa Account

Or  Sign up for a new Cincopa Account

2.Connect your Cincopa account with your HubSpot account

3.You will be taken to the HubSpot login page. Enter your HubSpot credentials and log in.

In case you are using multiple HubSpot accounts (you’re an agency or developer ah?), select the account you wish to integrate with.

4.Grant access to complete the process.

Grant Access To cincopa

HubSpot and Cincopa should now be connected! Cincopa will start to push video view data to your HubSpot account.

Enable view data events on your Contacts’ Timelines

To fully utilize video data, ensure that the Cincopa video integration filter is set up within your HubSpot contact records.

1.In your HubSpot instance, click Contacts.

  • Open a contact record.
  • Click “Filter activity”
  • Check (switch to “On”) the Cincopa Hubspot V1 under Integrations.

Cincopa Hubspot Integration - Filter Cincopa Integration

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