Create personalized videos via webcam.
Share with prospects, customers & team members

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Record a personal video

You dont need to be a pro, to create a professional-looking video.

•Easily capture yourself via webcam or an external camera to record a sales pitch, meeting invite or to answer a question.

•Book meetings directly from your video.

•Add a call-to-action to guide your viewer.

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Record a video presentation or demo

Bring your sales decks to life:
Record yourself and have it appear beside a presentation or a website,
to create a truly engaging experience.

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Share your video with prospects

Share your personalized video as a thumbnail or link in Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn or via in-app messaging.

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Track & get notified when your video is viewed

Get a notification to your Email, Slack or marketing automation platform when someone views your video, and gain access to a heatmap showcasing his or her video engagement details.

Hit the iron while it's hot and follow-up with newly warm leads.

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  • Record from screen, webcam or combine both in the recording.
  • Share to Gmail or Outlook
  • Share to Social
  • Send URL directly
  • Smooth playback on any screen or device
  • Integrates directly with your HubSpot CRM to send viewing events
  • Complete viewing analytics on who watched and engagment rate from your Cincopa account
  • Add CTA & Meeting links to close more meetings

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