Facebook mode video player

Do you want a content layout that will simply draw users in? Something that will make you page attractive, yet simple? You can get all those perks by creating a video gallery using the video portal mosaic skin and enabling the Facebook mode. Similar to the video integration of the famous social media platform, Cincopa has artistically designed a solution to showcase your videos, by embedding them entirely into a webpage.

With Facebook Mode feature your video galleries will come to life and automatically start playing. The auto-play feature allows videos to play silently on your timeline and if you tap on the video, it will be played with sound. If scroll pass video it won't start playing.

Here's how:

NOTE: Facebook mode setting is available as well on the following Responsive Video gallery skins:

Responsive video player with horizontal playlist
Responsive video player with vertical playlist
Responsive Video Player without Playlist
Responsive video gallery
Video portal mosaic
Videos by Categories
Playlist over Video
Overlay Video
Video gallery with categories
Video Timeline

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