How to add forms and custom messages to your Cincopa videos

When you're all about doing videos like marketing videos, training videos, sales videos and you're looking to be more productive and more engaged to the people you are offering your videos wouldn't be great to have a tool that would engage your visitors further to have some interaction with your video message right immediatel?

It may be so easy that when the video is done playing a form pops up where your viewers can enter some of their information and in return they will receive more information from you or maybe you just need a simple button that can take them to different webpage or a product demonstration or to some more detailed information that they might be looking for further.

You can now use Cincopa Email Collector to add forms by URL, html forms or static messages that will engage your viewers to take further actions and you'll have more power with your marketing tool and develop a stronger 1 to 1 relationship with your visitor.

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