Video CDN Hosting

There are numerous hosting companies out there offering competitive plans and attractive features. Though they might provide pretty good hosting services for the website itself, the hosting and distribution of rich media content displayed on the site, better be treated separately by providers such as Cincopa video platform.

Multimedia widgets and videos in particular include large and heavy files that require a lot of storage space and bandwidth. Hence, video content not only increases the price of your regular hosting services, it also tends to suffer from latency and buffering issues and decelerate the speed of the entire site. The most efficient and affordable solution to the problem is using a Video CDN hosting instead of the standard shared or dedicated hosting.

Cincopa Video CDN Hosting Solution

Many users and website owners, who look for video solutions, do not understand the incredible importance of the CDN section on the provider's features list. Video CDN is a content delivery system that specializes in hosting, managing and distributing video assets via a global network of servers. The video CDN servers around the world save copies of the hosted media files. As a result, the video content is located closer to end users, becomes immune to crashes and does not create bottlenecks around a single source. Video CDN services are essential for international sites and large websites with a heavy load of traffic.

Cincopa uses the reliable and well known Edgecast content delivery network to fulfill video owners' needs. It provides advanced streaming technologies, professional security system and supports all mobile devices; it performs automatic conversions and backups, allows remote access to the galleries and facilitates management procedures. In other words, thanks to the elaborate CDN, Cincopa can guarantee for expeditious delivery, full protection of media files, and complete video control by users (forward, backwards, replay etc.), as well as high availability and minimal time and money investment.

Cincopa Video Platform Added Value

Cincopa enables you to create, manage, host, distribute and promote your videos through a single provider. It offers super-easy management system for video galleries, huge selection of video-player skins, plenty of customization options and professional support.


Handling video content through Cincopa Video CDN system can surely upgrade your widgets' performance; thus, improve your user experience and engagement. It is also likely to reduce your hosting costs and the time and effort dedicated for managing the video galleries. Moreover, releasing your website's servers from the video burden, indirectly leads to an acceleration of the entire website.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.







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