Easily create and embed videos online

As we all know that videos are the most efficient way
of getting your message across.
We, at Cincopa, understand the urgent need
to easily create, embed and share
your own promotional videos.
That's why we're happy to announce our new partnership with Moovly:
An online video editing platform

Your videos just got their new home

Your promotional videos are your prized assets, helping you successfully spread your brand and company.
You need to be able to create them fast and efficiently.
With Moovly's platform,
you can create videos without downloading software.
You can use Moovly's existing templates or create your own,
while adding free media objectives.
Best of all, within a few short minutes-
you’ll be done!

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The Cincopa-Moovly partnership provides you with a 360-degree,
A-Z solution for your videos:
Beginning with creating and embedding,
all the way to gaining a percise picture regarding their performance.
Need to change the video?
Maybe shift between slides?
No need to chase after a video producer:
All it takes is a few clicks on Moovly's editor,
and all the changes will be made

Connect and start your meeting

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
    Connect and authorize Cincopa and Moovly to synchronize
  3. Step 3
    You will need to create or sign into your Moovly account
  4. Step 4
    Create a project on Moovly and publish to Cincopa
  5. Step 5
    The video will appear within your assets tab in your Cincopa account

Here’s what you can do with the Cincopa & Moovly integration

  • You can add CTAs, annotations, closed-captions, and other Cincopa on-video features
  • You can embed your videos on your website with just a few short clicks
  • Understand excatly how your videos are performing via Cincopa analytics

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