How to Embed Video Players into Your Webpages, Using Cincopa Media Platform?

Adding video into your pages credits you with reliability and profoundness by both your visitors and search engines. Videos, like any other rich media widgets, bring a personal touch, lightness, interest and esthetics to blogs and websites. However, adding a video player for website, displaying short video clips and video tutorials, contributes an added value of content and interaction that usually do not exist in pictures and music.

The main common denominator between all the different types of media that can be embedded via Cincopa media platform is the simple wizard that enables you to perform the needed actions. The procedure is unexpectedly short and easy, even for people, who have no prior programming knowledge.

How it works

1Choose a video player skin
2Upload multiple video files
3Select suitable media and embed code into pages

Embed Video Player in 3-Steps Procedure


Choose Video Player Skin

Cincopa offers various skin types, in different shapes and styles. Each skin you choose has customizable options, which you may modify to suit your taste and needs. Try out a few skins and preview them in a separate window, before you decide which will be the chosen one.


Upload Video Files

Upload multiple video files, and organize them into your cloud drive, then organize them into your Cincopa folders. Conversions and transcoding of your raw videos will be preformed automatically by the Cincopa application. Remember, you may always add, edit or delete your video galleries.


Embed code

After selecting the appropriate method for your webpages (specific CMS, HTML etc.), Cincopa will generate the proper code to embed into your site. Note that before you copy and paste the code, you have to download the required extension (plugin, module etc.). Embedding video can be done anywhere in your page, just paste the code given to you, where you want the video widget to be viewed.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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Check Out Cincopa's Video Player Skins and Demos

Cincopa does not only provide you with the required tools to add video to the website but also grants you with a comprehensive solution for all derivative needs such as reliable streaming video hosting and quick, secured delivery. Cincopa application ensures the quality, compression and compatibility of your videos and it supports all popular video formats.
As mentioned earlier, in order to embed video players into CMS platforms, you must download the proper extension first. It may be Cincopa video plugin for WordPress, if you have a WordPress site, video streaming module for Joomla, or a Drupal module, depends on your content management system. The extensions are free and very simple to install. They are all extremely flexible, have high scalability and full documentation.

Embedding Video from Any URL

Creating video players via Cincopa video gallery creator is a fairly easy process, at least on your side. The thing you have to focus on is creating or finding the right videos to add that will truly enhance your site and will not just decorate it. Create your own video productions, or use Cincopa's amazing video feature, which allows you to download video file from any URL and upload it as your own. The embed-video-from-URL feature gives you a full control over the video appearance and content, which others simply do not have.
Cincopa services, products and tools are free for most users. Open a free account, create your gallery and embed video players in any HTML page or open source CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Ning, Typepad and more.

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