Promote Your Brand Through Engaging Multimedia Content

Create and publish video portals, photo slideshows, audio playlists and more


Beat your competitors —
enhance your website

With Cincopa’s all-in-one creative platform, you can create stunning multimedia galleries from our huge collection of templates and fully custom design! Publish them online with our intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Drive website traffic and generate leads

Get more traffic, increase audience engagement, and convert website visits into new business leads with Cincopa’s built-in SEO-friendly features and Social sharing options to enable your audience to share your content all across the web. We also offer you to collect emails right from audio/video playlists. Analyze traffic generated by your galleries with our single-click Google Analytics integration!

Increase brand awareness

Cincopa provides advanced tools that let you present your multimedia content effectively on the website, create strong brand linkage and increase content virality. With our custom branding tool you can add a logo or a watermark along with the link to your website. Make sure your video is always visible as long as visitors scroll the web page with Cincopa’s always on top video player feature.

Save your time

Manage your images, videos and audios with just a few clicks from one easy-to-use dashboard. Cincopa is perfect to create any custom experience with your content — from stand-alone videos or audios to full-screen photo slideshows and advanced video portals. Regardless of the complexity level, you can get beautifully designed content collections in minutes with no coding skills required!

Make Engaging Live Presentations

Cincopa is so much more than just multimedia hosting. Not only can your video and audio look great on your website — why shouldn’t you use it to present your brand effectively in front of a live audience at any marketing event? Cincopa’s Video and Audio Players are fully integrated with Google Chromecast, which lets you cast your video on a big TV screen and play your audio with external speakers. No additional installations or plugins are required to make a killer rich media presentation — just Cincopa Player launched on your smartphone/tablet/laptop and a tiny Chromecast device.

Integrate Email Marketing with Video

Cincopa can power up your email marketing with high-quality leads generated from your video. With Lead Generator, you can encourage your viewers to hare contact information with you: email address, first and last name. All data submitted through the email form will be available in a selected email list with your external email marketing platform (for example, MailChimp or Constant Contact). Customize the email form according to business goals, gate your content or allow people to skip the form on your option. Visit the Video Analytics page to find extended stats about your leads: viewing time, engagement, visit dates, domain, location, web browser version, etc.

Monetize AND cross-promote

Cincopa unlocks great opportunities to monetize your video content. Our video player supports VAST ads that can be added to your existing videos in a few easy steps right in the gallery editor. With VAST feature you can display custom ad blocks from third-party publishers or cross-promote your own content within your video network.

What is VAST
What is VAST

Boost Email Marketing with Multimedia

You can easily embed video, audio, images, and slideshows into your email campaigns, newsletters, and personalized email messages. Fit your multimedia perfectly into a custom email template displaying your content in a user-friendly format. Cincopa’s advanced email integration will be a great enhancement for your email marketing toolset. We support major email delivery providers — simply choose your platform (for example, MailChimp), specify gallery thumbnail size, copy and paste embed code into your email template. Check how recipients react to your embedded videos on the Video Analytics page.