Publish Your Content Online In The Most Beautiful Way

Create custom online collections from videos, audios and images


Enhance your website with a personalized multimedia experience

Add any type of multimedia content to your website — from photo slideshows to large video galleries and podcasts.

Combine different media types, add playlists and categories, display your content in the full-screen mode. There are even more advanced options like Chromecast integration available!

Create visually appealing content collections with gorgeous designs

Build any custom design with Cincopa’s ready-to-use templates. Simply pick up one of the numerous templates available and upload your media assets.

You can customize everything from background color to player controls and even edit the main CSS file. Protect your content from unwanted downloads with right-click protection feature or make it easier for users to save files with a handy ‘Download’ button.

Promote your brand through creative content

Photos, videos and music are among the most effective ways to promote a brand. Cincopa provides advanced tools that let you present your multimedia content effectively on the website, create strong brand linkage and increase brand awareness.

That can be done by adding a logo, watermark or a custom URL. To grab more attention from website visitors to your videos, use our always on top video player feature.

Increase content virality with built-in SEO and Social Sharing

Cincopa’s multimedia galleries come with built-in SEO-friendly fields and social sharing options. Boost your content in web search, increase organic traffic, and encourage your audience to share your content all across the web.

Collect emails directly from audio/video playlists and turn them into leads. Analyze traffic generated from your multimedia with the seamless Google Analytics integration.

Add Entertainment to Multimedia Experiences

Your audience will enjoy viewing online videos on a TV, as well as playing music from websites in high quality with an external sound system!

Thanks to Chromecast integration, anyone using Cincopa’s online media player can stream videos and audios with their mobile device or laptop and a Google Chromecast plugged into a local TV-set or speakers.

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