Video and image platform for creatives

Built to handle your multimedia hosting needs. With a suite of lightweight editing and marketing tools, preserve your creative minds for just creativity.

Trusted by SMBs and enterprises worldwide

Centralize all your creative assets

Organize all your project-related videos, images, and documents in your gallery. Keep them visible to only your stakeholders or make them public. Your brainchild, your control.


Organized Media Library

No more time-consuming search for files. Organize your creative assets with tags.

Easy Share and Embed

Share your media via URL or go ahead and embed them anywhere.

Customizable Galleries

Showcase your stunning videos and images with our premade gallery templates.

Easy to use, incredibly powerful multimedia platform

Versatile player for video storytelling

From streaming high-quality videos and chaptering your content for better navigation, to driving your revenue with on-video CTAs, your video player is that powerful. Easily share or embed your video players wherever your audience is.

Share your company event photos

House, organize, and showcase your stunning images on our SEO-friendly image hosting platform. Many customizable templates for you to simply upload, share, or embed on your website.

Split screen of a live stream video with a recording sign

Measure impact with advanced analytics

Our advanced video analytics give you a comprehensive view of your content performance. Know who’s watching your videos and where they’re dropping out to make informed decisions for your video marketing strategy.

Bring together your creative team

A CMS for creative director, multimedia producer, graphic designer and easily collaborate on the same project.

Keep all your content secure

Password protect your asset or make sure they’re accessible by invited viewers only.

Purposely-built for creative agencies

Managing projects for multiple clients? Create dedicated landing pages for each company for client portfolio and communications.

Take it from our customers


"We’ve found Cincopa to be a great solution for us to centralize and organize all our assets and content both for marketing, sales, training, and e-learning...Cincopa has really helped us to be more visible and get more visibility with our product. We’ve seen that with the analytics."

Dora Tzotchevska, Senior Multimedia Producer at Leidos Digital Solution, Inc

Creative minds think alike

Creative Agency

Handle your clients’ creative requests like a pro. Easily apply their branding elements to their videos and get clients’ approval with a URL link.

Branding & Marketing Team

Centralize your brand assets like logos, marketing collaterals, event photos, and campaign videos, so that your team can easily access all the approved brand elements.

Multimedia Producers

Keep all your townhall recordings, event photos, and training materials all in one place. Streamline your workflow with pre-built templates, unlimited embed options, and the CincoTube video portal for optimized viewing experience.

Manage and share your creatives assets, all in one place.

Split screen of a live stream video with a recording sign

Works with your existing CMS platforms

Connect your Content Management System (CMS) to Cincopa to streamline your workflow from hosting to publishing.