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Cincopa provides the most professional and complete rich media kit, designed to suit many content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Ning, Typepad, vBulletin, Weebly and more.

Cincopa multimedia platform enables you to create amazing image and video galleries and slideshows, podcast, music players and attractive combinations of different media. Cincopa offers over 40 skin types in different styles. The multimedia presentations are highly customizable, allowing you a full control over your media appearance and content.

Check Out Our Awesome Skins and Demos:

Click any of the following skin images to view the skin demo and further information.

Simple slideshow Skins

9 attractive video and image slideshow skins (all JavaScript and jQuery based).
Cincopa Slideshow skins include many unique features and customization options. Here, are some of the features available in this skins category: numerous transitions (auto-scroll, rotating images, fade in, fade out, loop, etc.), Lightbox zoom-in functionality, floating control panel, thumbnail display list, scroll, shuffle, full-screen, rotation belt, photo albums from Picasa or Flicker accounts and many more.

Video Players Skins

Video galleries are very easy to install and manage. They are highly reliable and are guaranteed for high-speed downloads and high quality and compression. All you have to do is upload raw video files and Cincopa will be responsible for the transcoding and conversion. Cincopa's video player application supports all major formats. Check out the innovative FlowPlayer video player; available with or without a playlist.

Flash Photo Gallery Skins

Cincopa offers the most stunning Flash image galleries and podcast, to which you may add background music. Your Flash galleries may be viewed from any portable device; Cincopa automatically converts Flash galleries to the appropriate format, for the device in use.

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