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Say goodbye to the frustrations of free video hosting. At Cincopa, we understand the struggle – intrusive ads, limited customization, and poor video quality. Whether you're a marketer, educator, or business, our platform is designed for you.

Enjoy top-notch security with password protection and crystal-clear video in 4K and 1080p. Enjoy fully customizable video players, video SEO, and tons of integrations. Made for big corporations, marketers and elearning, Cincopa makes sharing videos online simple, secure, and effective.

Trusted by SMBs and enterprises worldwide

Built with your branding in mind

Put your brand in the spotlight with the most customizable video player on the market.

Secure video hosting

Keep your internal communication and exclusive eLearning courses private with Cincopa’s enterprise grade security.

We offer top-notch features like password protection, access control, protection from right-click downloads and more to keep your videos private and safe from unwanted downloaders or viewers and yes, that means third-party too!

Fully Customizable Video Player

Stand out from the crowd with the most professionally branded video player. Play up your brand colors, add a logo, and watermark, for your online courses or enterprise videos to align all of your media. Customize your URL when sharing with others, and create an engaging experience on your marketing videos with on-video tools like CTAs, overlays, and more.

Video SEO

Get your videos seen by search engines with Cincopa’s built-in video seo. Fully optimized to be crawled by search engines, helping others find your business better. With titles, descriptions, and searchable-captions your video content will reach a broader audience in no time. This means increased shares of videos and more brand recognition for you.

Video Galleries

Make viewing your video content a breeze with video galleries and playlists. With dedicated galleries for online education and marketers, our simple drag n’ drop interface and multi-media format will have you up and running in no time. Embed in a few clicks, creating an easy viewing experience for your audience anywhere.

High quality videos with lightning-fast loading

Fully supportive of all video formats and quality, with super-fast video playback.

4K Video Format

Cincopa’s video sharing platform fully supports all high definition video formats and screen resolutions, Including 4K and sharp 1080p. Allowing you to upload your highest quality videos for high quality sreams on any device.

Distraction-free Videos

With our commitment to distraction free video hosting, you can rest easy knowing that your viewers won’t be taken somewhere else on the web by competitors. Add your own selective advertising placements to your marketing or eLearning videos for added engagement!

Responsive Display

Our responsive video player allows your viewers to watch your content from anywhere, giving your viewers even more freedom. Plus, we’re fully supportive of any video format so go ahead, upload your video in 4K.

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Advanced video analytics

Understand what’s going on behind the scenes of your videos with real-time video analytics and detailed heatmaps.

Track the performance of your videos, see where viewers are dropping off, how long their watching for and more - down to the individual viewer, helping you to create data-driven decisions to optimize your content for even better engagement.

More than a video hosting platform.

Built for management, engagement and to integrate with your best tools.

Comprehensive video management

Videos hosted with Cincopa are easily organized with video tags, video filters, and video categories helping you find your videos much faster.

On-video tools

Boost engagement and drive conversions with video CTAs, lead generation forms, overlays, chapters, closed captions and so much more to create an interactive video experience for every viewer.


Upload from your favourite apps like Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo. Collect leads with HubSpot or Salesforce and publish your videos directly on CMS platforms like WordPress & Moodle.

Made for every business

If you have video content, we’re a great match.

Video Marketing

Create, upload, share, and measure the impact of your marketing videos in one place.

Discover what works and what doesn’t with advanced video analytics to craft content that increases followers and revenue. With access to Cincopa’s suite of marketing tools you can upload high-quality video formats, customize video players to show off your brand, collect leads with interactive on-video elements, publish anywhere, and take over the internet with automatic video SEO.

Online Education

Drive elearning experiences with an organized, multimedia platform built to handle learning and development in the workplace or classroom.

From online classrooms to live virtual demonstrations, lectures, video courses or interactive tutorials, we’ve got you covered. Create courses, integrate with your LMS, boost engagement with on-video tools, and analyze student performance with advanced analytics all on one video management platform.

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Capture your customers’ attention with video players adaptable to any device.

With clickable product links directly on your videos and automatic video SEO, your products are available wherever your customers are ready to buy. Use easy embedding to upload to your website without any coding experience.

Internal Communication

Communicate more efficiently with your team.

Upload and store all of your Zoom meetings, HR videos, onboarding and company videos in a secure video hosting platform made for enterprise organizations. Control who see’s what with access control and multiple switch accounts.


With Cincopa, you can ensure all your enterprise video content is securely hosted in an ad-free environment thanks to features like password protection and access control.

Our support for high-quality video formats, real-time analytics and easy-to-use interface mean enterprises can rely on the video hosting solution for all their video content needs, making it a superior choice over free video hosting services.

Choose the Right Cincopa Plan for You

Cincopa offers a range of video hosting and sharing plans to cater to diverse requirements, ensuring that creators, businesses, and enterprises.

Trusted by SMB and Enterprise Worldwide

See what our valued customers have to say about Cincopa.

At we use Cincopa to share event videos (and images) with our audience of advertising professionals. The product is used mainly by our marketing department. Cincopa allows us to quickly upload, tag, title, and organize media files in a custom gallery. We can embed this newly created gallery on our Drupal website for public consumption.

Cincopa has simplified creating custom branded video libraries that live local to your site without taking the user/member/customer/viewer from your site to YouTube or any other video site.

Easily create your own Video Library and branded embedded videos for your website. Overall, it's a beautiful product that allows us to target prospects globally without having to use a VPN which is necessary with many other competitors.

Access to a Support Team That Cares

Alongside of our easy-to-use video platform, you have a team of experts ready to help you overcome and challenges, questions and concerns that you may have, making it an excellent choice for SMEs and large enterprises organizations focused on content creation and dedicated help.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a video hosting platform?

A video hosting platform is an online service that allows you to upload, store, manage, and stream video content to your audience. Key features of these platforms include customizable video players, performance analytics, integration with websites and social platforms and security features to safeguard content. With Cincopa, you can do that and more. Customize your brand player, add on-video features, A/B test your videos and analyze your video performance.

What is the difference between paid and free video hosting platforms?

The difference between paid and free video hosting platforms iprimarily lies in features, performance, and the intended audience.Free video hosting platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo Basic, generally offer essential services at no cost. The main drawbacks include limited control over ads, restrictions on video quality and storage, and reduced customer support.

With paid video hosting platforms like Cincopa, you get an ad-free experience with access to features like higher video quality, increased storage limits, extensive customization options, advanced analytics, better security features, and dedicated support.

Where can I host videos for free?

With Cincopa’s free plan, you’re able to host up to 20 videos on your account! You’ll get access to some of our gallery templates, embedding options and more!

What is Private Video Hosting?

Private video hosting is an online hosting service that offers enhanced security and privacy features designed for businesses. With Cincopa, we prioritize security and control over video content. You’ll have access to password protection, encryption, domain lock and more to ensure that access to your videos is restricted to authorized viewers only.

Can I Self-Host my Videos?

While you can self-host your videos, it comes with many considerations and drawbacks. Using an online video platform like Cincopa makes it a lot easier to handle the bandwidth, file sizes, storage space, video quality, video piracy, coding, and much more.

Can I use YouTube to host my videos?

YouTube does allow you to host videos but it comes with many drawbacks. Using YouTube for your videos is great to reach a broader audience, but you will have ads over your videos, possibly piracy, and no access to a good customer support team. With Cincopa, you’ll have a distraction-free video hub, tons of video security and access to a great support team!

What is Online Video Hosting?

Online video hosting is the process of using web-based platforms to upload and distribute video content across the internet. The main advantages include a broad reach, ease of access for viewers, scalability to accommodate different audience sizes, and the capability to track viewer engagement and analytics. This allows creators to reach a wide audience efficiently and understand how their content performs.

Can I Replace Live Video Without Changing the URL?

Yes, many video hosting sites offer a feature that allows content creators to update or replace their live video content without altering the original URL. Maintaining a consistent URL for a video is crucial for content creators and marketers as it ensures that embedded videos on websites or blogs do not need manual updates. This feature greatly simplifies content management, enabling creators to keep their video content fresh and relevant without the logistical challenges associated with changing URLs.