Showcase all your content on one single page.

Create branded landing pages for your townhalls, demos or online courses with full control over your viewers. Allow your audiences to consume all related content on one single-page, distraction-free.

Trusted by SMBs and enterprises worldwide

Your home base for videos and images.

A central location for individual videos, your whole video library, and image galleries. Branded to your business, Pages keeps your audience engaged in a distraction-free environment.

Ad-free landing page

Fully customizable and easy sharing

Your content, your control - share publicly or privately.

Choose whether you want to showcase your content to the whole world or to a select group of people with password protection, domain whitelisting, and access restriction.

Share to selected people

Make public for all viewers on the web

Ad-free, distraction-free zone.

Give your viewers a central place to watch all your videos on a distraction-free and ad-free webpage. Eliminate advertisements from your competitors or suggested videos to keep the focus on you.

Customizable landing page features

Flexible styling options with custom CSS

Measure your videos with advanced analytics.

Understand how individual videos are performing with our advanced video analytics. Get to know who your viewers are, and how they are interacting with your video to create better content time and time again.

Get insight on individual user behavior

Detailed heatmaps to uncover the full story

Cincopa Integrates with your whole tech stack.

Other Features

Dedicated URL

Customize the link you’re sending to match your website domain to keep track of where things are going.

Collaboration Hub

Easily share a link for your teammates to upload images to your gallery.

Powerful Analytics

Gain insights into the performance of your image galleries with our analytics.

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