Increase Your Sales with Ecommerce Integration

Make your ecommerce website look attractive to online customers with videos, images, audios, multimedia galleries, and slideshows. Cincopa ecommerce integration allows you to add rich media content to your Magento, Shopify, or Prestashop store and present your products or services in an effective way.

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Cincopa provides apps for leading Ecommerce platforms:
Magento, Shopify, and Prestashop.

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Ecommerce integration

Increase engagement

While making an online sale, engagement is a paramount parameter, since it determines how many people are excited about your product or service. Also, it shows their willingness to make a purchase.

With Cincopa, you can boost your engagement rate by using videos and other media templates. Cincopa’s rich marketing kit that includes such features as video annotations, subtitles, ads, branding, and more, allows creating a perfectly visualized experience for your shoppers.

increase customer engagement

Win customers conducting online search

SEO creates a strong web presence for your Ecommerce business and puts it in front of the right customers. Rich media content improves your SEO automatically due to Cincopa’s smart embed codes based on the power of JSON-LD technology.

It helps search engines to scan your web pages faster and get indexed better. Additionally, your content can be discovered in special image or video search, such as Google Images and Google Videos.

improve your ecommerce seo

Motivate your visitors

Cincopa offers a great opportunities to motivate people who are interested in what you offer. Tools like call-to-action are must-have for online sellers.

Direct viewers straight to a product landing page or checkout, collect their contact information, save it to email lists, and reach your leads with an individual sales proposal.

Unleash smart video data

Succeed in marketing and sales using Cincopa Video Analytics. Analysing the performance of your videos lets you know your online customers better, determine their preferences, and approach them with a targeted proposal.

Learn which product video looks more engaging to your visitors, see detailed viewing stats of every video, discover personal information about each viewer, such as IP, location, activity dates, viewing counts, web browser version, device type average engagement rate, and much more. Compare the number and quality of video views with purchases to identify the key to successful sales.