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Fully compatible with Moodle

Fully compatible with Moodle and other LMS Platforms

Cincopa offers a smart digital media management solution that can be fully integrated with LMS systems like Moodle and many others. You can easily embed any type of educational multimedia content, including videos, audios, podcasts, slideshows, and image galleries, directly into your e-learning courses. Pick up a ready Cincopa media plugin to use with your LMS software, for example, Moodle plugin, which comes with a rich collection of pre-designed templates. You can easily go beyond the functionality of standard Moodle video player and add interaction to your educational content. Cincopa can work with a wider variety of open-source platforms, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Sakai, SharePoint, Jive, and IBM Connections.

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Protect your content

When it comes to online education, it’s more than important to protect intellectual property. Not to worry, with Cincopa you may always be sure that people can view your educational materials where and when they are allowed to. Password protection lets you restrict unauthorized access to media files, domain lock helps to prevent embedding your galleries and video/audio players to unwanted websites. Disable downloading photos, videos, and audios or accessing their source code by turning on right-click protection. On the other hand, you can allow students to download content in order to use it offline.

Forget about breaks and delays

No matter how big your audience is or where your users are located, Cincopa will handle flawless multimedia streaming in the highest quality. We use a reliable CDN system which ensures perfect performance accross all types of devices and web browsers. With Cincopa CDN, your content will never be lost or broken.

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Save costs

Cincopa is an ultimate solution for online lessons, regardless of the complexity. Create rich media collections with our ready-to-use templates with custom design to address any specific task you may have. Analyze how your audience interacts with content, manage teams from a single dashboard. Get access to personal branding, unlimited publishing, extra traffic and more.

Increase knowledge retention

Using multimedia for education transforms the learning process into an engaging experience. Cincopa provides a full set of professional tools to host, organize and publish interactive materials online. Visualize your lessons with vivid slideshows, charts, audio lectures, video tutorials and add cue points. You can customize player controls and layout. Cincopa lets you showcase your content in beautifully-designed stand-alone media templates. Also, it let's you embed it to your website, use it with Moodle, and display it on a big TV screen with the help of a Chromecast device.

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Interact with Students via Email

Whenever you need more online/offline educational event subscribers, an online video announcement can do it for you in the most effective way. With built-in Lead Generator, your viewers will see a pop-up email form right in the video player. They can submit their contacts, including email address, first and last name. Gate your content if you want to make the educational video available to registered viewers only. All form submissions are saved automatically to a specified email list with your email delivery provider (like MailChimp or Constant Contact). More details about your subscribers can be obtained from Cincopa Video Analytics: viewing stats, engagement, activity time, browser version, operating system, country, and IP address.

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Video Player Speed Control

Sometimes when you are a part of extended webinar, video workshop, or getting training published for your students, you must allow them to process visual information a little more thoroughly. You look for options to fast-forward to a specific point. Give your students full control over video playback with speed control.

With Cincopa speed control features viewers can speed up or slow down the video playback speed. With speed control viewers can reach a specific part of the video and watch their favourite scene in a slow motion or vice versa.