Create a Photo Gallery for Your Website

The photo gallery application of the Cincopa Media Platform is compatible with literally any website or blog. Create a photo gallery, wizard style, and embed it into any web page that accepts HTML or publish it as an RSS feed. It is also fully compatible with several CMS programs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, TypePad, MediaWiki, Ning, Blogger, vBulletin, Weebly, WordPress MU and Buddy Press.

Creating a Photo Gallery for Your Website or Blog is Easy - and Free!

The Cincopa photo gallery application is free and couldn't be simpler to use and install. Sign up for your free account and use our online web application to create your rich and dynamic photo galleries within minutes with three simple steps:

How it works

1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website

Choose Your Photo Gallery Skins

Over 40 skins to choose from including Flash, Cooliris 3D, Lightbox, jquery and more. Customize your options, and preview it in another window.


Upload Your Photos

Automatic resizing of photos. Upload multiple photos to your "cloud" drive at once, and organize them into folders with drag and drop functionality. View them later from any device.


Create a Simple Photo Gallery Code to Embed in Your Website

Add files to your photo gallery, and Cincopa will automatically generate the necessary code for you to place it anywhere on the web. Add more images, or edit your photo gallery at any time, and it will be automatically and instantly updated.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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Take a Look at Our Awesome Photo Gallery Skins

Check out these awesome photo gallery demos:

  1. Responsive HTML5 Image Gallery

    The new responsive design HTML5 image gallery is compatible with any HTML webpage, all popular CMS and hundreds of social networks.

  2. Flash Photo Gallery

    Create a Flash slideshow and add background music. View on your iPhone or other mobile device, and Cincopa will automatically convert your photo gallery to the most suitable format for your device such as .mp4 and 3gpp.

  3. 3D Cooliris Gallery

    Stun your audience with a Cooliris 3D wall of photos. Cincopa will add a link to your photos which lets your visitors view them in a stunning Cooliris 3D viewer.

  4. Carousel Photo Galleries

    Auto-advance, click, or hover to browse through your photos. This is a jquery based gallery with Lightbox zoom in functionality, floating control panel.

  5. Thumbnail Photo Gallery

    Display a thumbnail list to showcase your photos. Control the size of your thumbnails and previews automatically. Scroll, shuffle, zoom, view in any order, or view in full-screen.

  6. Transition Photo Gallery

    The variety of transitions available for your photo gallery can add flair to your presentations. Set the transition time between photos to 1/1000th of a second. Chose from autoscroll, rotating images, fade in/out, loop, etc.

  7. Lightbox Photo Gallery

    Lightbox is one of the most popular ways to showcase your photos and applications on the web. Lightweight and elegant are two words often used to describe a photo gallery which uses Lightbox.

  8. Photo Gallery with Music

    Easily add background music to any slideshow to create a rich experience for your viewers beyond the merely visual. Create a musical slideshow with all the same customizable options you would get in a normal slideshow.

Cincopa's Dedicated Servers Can Host and Deliver Your Photos to the Web - Fast, Reliable, and Secure

All of your photos are totally private. The Cincopa servers use two sets of public/private keys, 1024-bits for encryption, MD5 hashing, and token mechanisms. No one can access your photos without permission from you. Why else you should use Cincopa's servers to host your files:

  1. 44 skins to choose from
  2. Complete backup utility to keep your photos safe
  3. Cloud computing - access your files from any PC or other device, securely
  4. Complete storage and traffic usage indicators
  5. Automatic photo resizing
  6. Complete scalability - from personal blogs, to small businesses, to large enterprises
  7. Complete support for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and other PDAs and smart phone technology
  8. 100% free account gives you 400MB of online storage and 200MB of bandwidth/month, much more than adequate for most photo galleries
  9. Purchase any size upgrade, any time, risk free
  10. Premium free trials available!
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