Communicate better with video messaging.

Easily record your webcam and screen to share personalized video messages to sell faster, teach better and communicate more effectively.

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Show and tell with screen sharing

Capture every detail on the screen with our video messaging screen recorder extension. Add annotations, and share your recordings through email, embed on your website, and more, making collaboration and information sharing a breeze.

Troubleshoot technical issues

Record tutorials and product updates

Record personalized messages with your camera on

Leave a lasting impression with camera recording. Whether you're delivering company updates or connecting with your prospects, video messaging makes your communication more engaging.

Strengthen connections with your audience

Humanize your virtual communication

Private or public, your call

Send your video messages to your whole team, or sales videos to individual prospects with one click of a button.

Video encryption and right-click protection

Domain lock and email gate

Message share with no expiry

An image of a man playing guitar on video, the video is on a landing page that is set to public.

Dedicated landing pages for your video messages

Secure and permanent video URLs

Responsive across all devices

Your audience can enjoy your videos without any hiccups, no matter where they access them. With our responsive design, you're delivering an exceptional viewing experience that captivates your audience.

Fast video playback

Great viewing experience on any screen size

Cincopa Integrates with your whole tech stack.

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