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Podcast is practically series of radio or video shows, music clips and tracks or any other digital media files, which can be subscribed to and downloaded to a computer or portable device over the internet. Adding a podcast player into your blog or site is extremely beneficial and still rather unique. Establishing and embedding a podcast player is simple and fast process, however, maintaining it is even easier. Cincopa application takes care of your podcast hosting and delivery and performs all updates automatically. All you have to do is upload new media files. Your visitors and subscribers will be able to enjoy them instantly.

Take a Look at Cincopa's Audio and Podcast Player Skins (Demos)

Podcast Skins

Cincopa’s fully-functional podcast skins offer much more than just an audio player. Publish your content directly to iTunes and other platforms using RSS, allow your users to subscribe to your podcast from your site using those skins. With their advanced features, not only can you design and publish podcasts with visually appealing, mobile-friendly design, but also you will get sufficient exposure, traffic and virality. Build a totally unique online presence for your content - make a strong association with your brand, add beautiful cover art, adjust colors and create exclusive style with custom CSS.

  • Podcast - Big (600x500)

    Podcast - Big (600x500)

    Large (600x500) podcast player, SEO and mobile friendly, with build-in social media icons, full scalability
  • Podcast Feed for iTunes, Android and more

    Podcast Feed for iTunes, Android and more

    Podcast Feed for iTunes

You can easily customize the skin using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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1Choose a skin for your podcast player

Set the skin's size and many other premium customization options such as background, icon, text and slider colors. Preview the skin in a separate window to confirm satisfaction or repeat the procedure with another skin.

2Upload your podcast player files

Upload the media files you would like to broadcast into Cincopa's cloud-drive, using Drag-and-Drop method, and organize them in folders. You may upload multiple video, audio and image files. Cincopa simple wizard will automatically manage any conversions and transcoding needed, as well as the podcast hosting service. Future changes and updates may be applied anytime.

3Embed simple code

Mark your site's method (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML etc.) and make sure you have downloaded a suitable add-on. Cincopa application automatically generates a simple line of code. Copy the code and paste it wherever you want to display your podcast player or use it as an RSS feed.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


The Added Value of Having a Podcast Player on Site

A podcast player, similarly to other rich media features, embellishes the page, adds a personal touch, promotes comments and discussions and enhances the site's traffic and SEO. It uses as an additional platform to convey messages, art, entertainment and such, but it has another, unique merit, no other rich media feature has. It allows you to stay in touch with your registered users, when they are not at your site.

Podcasting software improves the user's experience. Visitors, who like your show can subscribe and get all the updates without browsing for it again. They are able to control the podcast player, and access it using any computer or mobile device.

The existence of podcasts libraries and podcast as a separate category of some search engines is another important virtue since it is an excellent way to promote your content. Display your podcast player on iTunes or another podcast library and enjoy a wide exposure, which will increase the volume of your site's traffic.

Cincopa's Podcast Player Main Features

  1. 7 podcast player skins.
  2. Full compatibility.
  3. Basic and Premium customization options such as size, background color, elements colors, and autostart.
  4. Allow download from site.
  5. Remote access.
  6. Menus, images, album cover art and playlist may be added.
  7. Free podcast hosting (400MB storage and 200MB bandwidth per month).
  8. API for developers.
  9. Secured and fast delivery system.
  10. Pseudo streaming - fast download with no buffering.
  11. Premium upgrades available.
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