Product Changes

Upload media via CSV file

13 April 2021

Cincopa supports many different types of image/video upload. Our users have the ability to choose the most convenient upload method when adding media to their Cincopa accounts.
A CSV upload is when you upload media via an excel file, or a Comma Separated Value file, to our platform. Occasionally you may find the need to bulk upload media content from a CSV file and our new feature makes this process quick and easy. Our platform provides you with a sample CSV file where you get the option to populate its columns with media title, description, tags, url and thumbnailUrl. Just upload the file and your media will appear under your Cincopa assets, its that easy!

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Custom Lead Form

26 January 2021

More fields are more leads! Get a head start with the right kind of lead forms for your business. The custom lead form enables you to create your own form that will fit your needs perfectly. The presented parameters will be taken from the Form Builder CSV editor. As of today, we support the following types of forms:
Text Fields:
Text box example: firstName,First Name,text,50,true
Checkbox example: chekboxExample,Test,checkbox, 50, true, { Updates: val1, Notifications: val2}
Dropdown Lists:
Dropdown list example: dropdownExample, Test,select, 50, true, {Updates :val1, Notifications: val2, Pre-sale: val3}

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Login with SAML

19 January 2021

Cincopa’s SSO (SAML 2.0) feature allows you to manage both user-creation and the sign-in process through your existing Identity Provider tool (IdP) such as Azure AD, ADFS, Okta, Jumpcloud, SalesForce SSO, OneLogin and any Saml 2.0 supporting idP.
Cincopa uses SAML for its SSO implementation,SAML stands forSecurity Assertion Markup Language which is an XML-based method for exchanging user security information between a SAML identity provider and a SAML service provider. Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process mostly used inside an organization to manage the user’s ability to access various cloud-based applications via a single set of login credentials.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Cincopa Raw Analytical Data Extraction Tool

05 January 2021

Many of our users have the need to collect analytical data for a variety of purposes. Cincopa comes with powerful analytics tools where our user can analyze their viewer’s engagement with the content in order to differentiate between viewers who are most interested and those who are least. To learn more about these features please consult the following articles: Analytics Recent Visits Analytics Heatmaps Analytics Dashboard Moreover, users that need to perform additional analysis of the viewer’s data have the ability to download all of the data collected by Cincopa. You can use this tool to gather data for the month period and may change the collection dates within this period.
Raw Analytical data can be exported for a period of 31 days at a time. You can change the date range, however, you can’t collect more than 31 days per export.
To get the data you need, adjust the time period, and select the Export Raw Data button. This will download a CSV file that contains all of the analytical data in the date range you have selected.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Define the Video Quality (From UHD to 360p)

29 December 2020

We are proud to provide our clients with the opportunity, to choose between 9 different renditions! Such as UHD, HD, 1080, 720, 480, 360, to provide your viewers with the best viewing experience for their connection. Video technology is getting better and resolutions are getting higher with time, use enhanced display definition to provide richer, sharper and detailed viewing experience to your audience.

Master Gallery

22 December 2020

Cincopa wants you to keep your Branding and marketing uniform across your accounts and assets. Create a master gallery and share it with your team and across departments and this branded gallery to be available to all your users (on Desktop and Mobile) and to ensure ease of creating a branded Gallery to share with the desire assets.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Live Streaming

15 December 2020

Now broadcast live to your audience with Cincopa's Live Steaming solution, broadcast events, concerts, webinars or news. Cincopa’s live video streaming platform lets you deliver videos to viewers worldwide from a single managing dashboard. Due to HTTP live streaming (HLS) technology that lies at the root of our service you’re enabled to reach your audience on any device. Users can consume your content in the highest quality their connection allows through websites, custom iOS & Android mobile apps, as well as streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

CincopaShare Mobile App

08 December 2020

We're excited to announce our new mobile App, CincopaShare for iOS and Android, an easy and convenient way to create and share Videos, Images, and Audio directly from your Mobile.
Yes, the App is free to download from the App stores, but you need to have a Cincopa account.
-> Our clients' can upload, create a gallery, share in two clicks from your Mobile, and while you are at your Clients' place.
-> Enjoy the advantages of the Cincopa platform directly from your mobile device.
-> Your sales and field team can capture or upload any media Assets with the CincopaShare App, upload to a specific Gallery, and if this Gallery embedding on your website, automatically, the Shared Gallery will add the new Assets (Video, Audio, Images).
-> While your team is using the CincopaShare APP and share Assets with your Clients and Prospects, they will utilize the Master Gallery, which including your Branding, logo colors, footer, and header.
Want to learn more? Click Here.

Download for free the CincopaShare App to ensure the quick and easy upload and sharing professional of Media Assets and content.
Click here to download for iOS
Click here to download for Android

Show your branding when right clicking on your media

17 July 2020

If customizing your domain wasn't cool enough, you can complete the experience by having your brand name and link to your site appear when a viewer right-clicks on your media.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

RecTrace: New library tab to view and share your videos

12 June 2020

Sales and Marketing teams have been using RecTrace to record via webcam and send personalized video messages to prospects and customers. Now, you'll be able to gain immediate access to every video you have in your account by clicking on the 'Library' tab in the new and improved RecTrace!
Starting today Sales and Marketing teams can easily add any video to an email (Gmail, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and more), without ever leaving your CRM application.

Click here to learn how sales can benefit from new feature
Click here to learn more about this feature

Bird’s eye analytics within your assets tab

28 May 2020

It's great to be able to see how well your videos, audios and podcasts are performing. With this new feature, you'll be able to see how each has been performing without leaving your Assets tab!

Click here to learn more about this feature.

SPREE video template

08 May 2020

We're always happy to present cool new ways in which you can present videos, and the new Spree template is bound to wow your audience! You'll be able to present videos similar to how they appear on YouTube with list of upcoming next videos.

Click here to learn how to select the Spree template.

Create a Custom domain for your account site

22 April 2020

With this update, you can customize your Account Site's URL and have it appear synonymously with your brand!
Feel free to replace 'Cincopa' with your site or anything else that'll make your Account Site come off as credible and reliable.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Replace existing asset

16 March 2020

New! You can swap one video with a new, better version without the captions, tags and anything else you may have added changing.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Video Popup

18 February 2020

This new customization feature allows you to add a Video Popup to your Cincopa Galleries.The Popup Video feature immediately catches the user’s attention.Click here to read more about this feature.

Video Online Course

30 January 2020

Enabling employees to share knowledge and providing customers with a unique and engaging video course.Both can be created with just a few clicks. Click here to learn more about Cincopa Video Online Course.

Manage user access to Cincopa with SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO)

19 November 2019

Single Sign On (SSO) is an authentication process mostly used inside an organization to manage users’ ability to access various cloud-based applications via a single set of login credentials.
Click here to learn about the feature Single Sign-On (SSO).
Click here to learn about Cincopa's integration with Okta.
Click here to learn about Cincopa's integration with JumpCloud.

Introducing Shazoom - Personalized Video Recording & Sharing Tool For Sales

12 November 2019 is a free, personalized video-messaging tool for business. It assists salespeople and teams humanize their approach and build relationships with their target buyers and prospects. That way, they can generate more meetings, speed up the sales cycle and close more deals, all through the power of video.
Click here to learn more.

Cincopa's integration with Zoom

24 October 2019

Through our integration with Zoom, you can retain all of your web meetings, conferences and webinars recordings. The recorded videos will add automatically to your assets on Cincopa account, where you be able to embed it to your website, share via emails, social media, or use it for internally in your company.
Click here to learn more.

Cincopa Video Channels

10 October 2019

With Cincopa's new feature, you will be able to have your audience binge on your videos without worrying about ads or any other distractions.

Channels can be embedded as a link or shared as a SharePage link.
Click here for a detailed, step-by-step guide that will have you up and running with your channel in no time!

New Animated Thumbnail

18 August 2019

It’s a scorcher outside, and things have been heating up at Cincopa’s TLV HQ, as well.

With the goal of providing the best, most engaging viewing experience known to mankind (and marketers), we went forth and created new animated video thumbnail features to successfully increase total engagement and play rate. (hint: we A/B tested it and got 24% more play rate on our product demo video).

Read More

Platform Speed Improvements

22 April 2019

Our engineering team have completed a substantial upgrade to the Cincopa CMS platform. Cincopa users will enjoy a greatly improved loading time of their asset and gallery pages.

Video Portals Analytics & Reports

15 April 2019

See how many page views your video portal receives and generate advanced analytical reports. Filter by: Last Day, Last 7 Days and All times.

Create your portal & Get your stats.

Lead Generation Form - Custom Button Text

13 April 2019

Our latest update allows you to customize your submit button's text to increase conversion. You can also localize to your own language.

Play. Submit. Reproduce el video. Das video abspielen. You decide! Try it now.

Video Portals

2 April 2019

Cincopa Video Portals enable you to have one single digital space to display all your videos. Think of it as your business own channel - keeping your audience engaged with your visual content. One of the most important features is that it gives you complete ownership and control.

Easy to create, personalize and update. Give your audience the opportunity to share on their social while keeping privacy a priority if needed. It’s up to you! Create your video portal

Speed optimization - 30% faster

25 March 2019

Life’s too short for buffering. Cincopa makes sure to always be at the forefront of new technology. This is why we upgraded a new player technology to load 30% faster.

Faster loading means two things for your business. Better SEO so that viewers can start engaging. Also, that means your viewers stay engaged with your content and keep clicking. Cincopa optimizes the best viewer experience. Prioritize your viewer experience; this means delivering the best quality visual content for any connection speed.

Subtitle (SRT) Editor

20 March 2019

Taking the Uploaded Video Closed-Captions + automatic closed captioning to the next level. Enabling you to edit text frame by frame or customize when and where the text should appear. Review, correct and refine existing subtitles. An extra customizing tool to make your video content as engaging as ever before.

New Wizard for video player

10 March 2019

Cincopa Video Player customization page just got a new makeover! It’s now easier than ever to customize your video player appearance, feel, and security functions.

YouTube Syndication

25 Feb 2019

Distribute your video content from one place; managing all your visual assets on the same platform while controlling where and when to upload it.

Not only to your email or website but your YouTube channel. With YouTube Syndication no need to re-upload the same video to various channels. Manage your content delivery in one click. Made easy with Cincopa.

Global settings

15 Jan 2019

Secure your embedded media with our new Domain Lock setting; preventing video & image gallery embeds from running on unauthorized domains and IPs. Try it now

Automatic Video Transcription (closed-captions)

25 Dec 2018

New automatic video transcription (closed-captions) feature Try it out

Master Gallery

10 Dec 2018

Master Galleries and Linked galleries settings - A kind of "Super Preset" which can control multiply galleries. Learn More

Updated features

3 Dec 2018
  • Video Asset settings now have built in instructional videos explaining how to use the different features. Go to assets.
  • Video Watched webhook - Track personalized sales videos - Get notified by Slack or use the hook to automate a follow up email with zapier
  • jQuery support for HTML annotation and HTML Call-to-action so you can incorporate meeting links and html embeds on your videos.

New Cincopa Homepage!

26 Aug 2018
  • Check out our new Homepage! woo-hoo!
  • New modern video light-box (pop-up video) design

Bugs and UX Fixes - July 2018

24 July 2018
  • Cincopa Slideshow Pro importer/migration tool UX fix.
  • Several Templates were consolidated into one, layout/theme variations are available to achive the same look and feel under "basic" tab.
  • New Video Password Protection UI design and UX.
  • Cincopa contact form has been updated for better UX.
  • Pages - Category renaming bug fixed
  • Upload from url - file size indicator bug fixed

UX improvments, pricing page redesign

06 June 2018
  • New pricing table for greater usability. See pricing.
  • Image watermark - Now adjusts to image left corner even when image is not full width.
  • New subtitles ui for cincopa's video players - greater readability and awesome design.
  • Video Academy Template - Added Tab selector for Desktop and tab selector with slider action for mobile. Try the template

Global settings

06 June 2018
  • Filter video analytics by IP - Prevents your company's data from distorting real data during testing
  • anonymize IPs - according to GDPR requirements we now offer the ability to completely anonymize IPs from view viewers so no identifying data is collected

New features - Hubspot, Zendesk and Zapier Integrations

22 May 2018
  • You can now pull forms directly from HubSpot to be used for lead generation and lead data enrichment with gated content. read more
  • Category tabs feature now has an additional layout style. this layout acts like the pinterest style tabs creating another row with tabs.
  • New Video Lead Gen Webhook and Zapier Integrations. Send contact information (email + full name) on video form submiotion to all popular CRM, Email Marketing and Marketing automation platforms on the market to create a contact/subscriber
  • Zendesk Integration - Email merge tags added. You can now track viewing of your support videos sent via zendesk ticket replies. Viewer level states available on Cincopa Analytics

2 New video Templates

16 May 2018
  • YouToo - Right playlist with thumbnail, title and description. Template is brandable, color customizable and has all the interactive feature - Lead gen etc... collapses to bottom slider on mobile. Try it
  • Video Gallery Large Thumbnails - Right playlist with large thumbnail, title and description. collapses to bottom slider on mobile. Template is brandable, color customizable and has all the interactive feature - Lead gen etc... Try it

Bugs and UX Fixes - May 2018

15 May 2018
  • Video Academy template - Filter by Category was not visible on mobile
  • Platform - Asset page - Video preview thumbnail shows video length
  • Video lead generation settings - manual set time. minor ui fix
  • Upload page - file type document - access to edit meta data fixed
  • Alwyas on top feature - Now sticky only when viewer plays the video
  • Right Click redesigned - "About Cincopa" will now always be visible to promote brand. Users on corporate plan can add their own rightclick action/branding
  • New contact us page. All Contact us buttons lead to a single page
  • New agency partner program and become partner page

Bugs and UX Fixes - April 2018

3 April 2018
  • Portofolio Template - Filter gallery by tag names - Bug fixed
  • Media Upload page - Document file type meta data editing fixed
  • Media Upload page - Document file type meta data editing fixed
  • New feature - Asset Page - Animated Video preview - Length of video marker
  • Pixlr photo Editor on Asset page has been removed. Reason: Requires flash plugin + negative changes to their user flow. A simpler Photo Editor will be added on Q3 2018 to Cincopa

Paypal Invoices

23 March 2018

You can now view and download your paypal invoices directly from your Cincopa Account

Find it here

New Color Picker Design

3 March 2018

Insert a color's #Hex Code or pick the color you want to brand and customize your gallery

The New picker is available on CTA and Annotations, Video player branding and Audio playering color branding

New Zapier Zap - Video Lead Generation Form

1 March 2018

Submit the contact information directly onto your CRM, Email Marketing Platform, Google Sheet and Marketing Automation.

Automate your marketing with this ZAP Find it here

Moodle Embed Option

22 Feb 2018

Moodle LMS shortcode - added to gallery embed options

Add Video, image galleries and audio galleries directly to courses to make them that more engaging

Get our free Cincopa Moodle Plugins here

Bugs and UX Fixes - Feb 2018

4 Feb 2018
  • Timebased + - buttons now increment on hold. The longer you hold it the bigger the add\decrased value becomes i.e. 1...2...5...10...100...500...1000
  • Asset Search Related bug fixed

Pricing page - Plan Comperson Table

2 Feb 2018

Compere different plans by features, intergrations, file count, traffic and much more...

See it here

Cincopa Chrome Extention v1.4.2

1 Feb 2018 Cincopa Chrome Extention New features and bug fixes Get it here
Description: Realtime stats on your galleries engament and views.

New Features:

  • Video Heatmap added, Links directly to the individual video video map on Cincopa
  • Refresh button

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved data loading time

Product-Ad Video Banner Template

29 Jan 2018 Built for E-Commerce and publishers Inserting Ads or pushing products using ads on their site. Video will autoplay without controls and always be silent. Both on desktop and mobile. Try It out
Common use cases:
  • Inline Video Banners
  • E-commerce Product Promotion video banner for homepage, blog and popups
  • Video Ad insertion to moneytize Impressions. Can be used in Fb style to start autoplay only when visible

subscription Paywall Video Template

20 Jan 2018 Video template with API superpowers, built for content monetization and publishers.
The Video Paywall can lock\unlock selected video playlist items and allow the following use cases:
  • Only logged in subscribers can view the premium locked video content
  • "Register now to access" CTA for none logged-in visitors can increase your signups and payments by 3x and boost your revenue.
  • Use Cincopa’s Video Lead Generation to capture leads. Only than allowing them to access the premium locked video content.
Try It out
Contact our customer success for API Docs (For Corporate and Enterprise users)

Top level navigation and header

17 Jan 2018

Marketing section menu is now way smaller to improve navigation. A new menu when was added to the app section when user is logged. Knowlage and Support (?) Menus are now seperate.

Zapier Integration

8 Jan 2018

Connect cincopa with over 1000+ apps to create productivy workflows. Read More on our blog

Bug Fixes - Jan 2018

17 Jan 2018
  • Fixed a bug : HLS issue in restumb templates when opening lightbox video for second time

Cincopa Video Integration for HubSpot

9 Jan 2018

Cincopa’s Video Integration with HubSpot helps users generate more leads and produce better engagement using Cincopa’s Video players & galleries.

  • Generate more leads using our video lead generation.
  • Track, nurture and score HubSpot contacts.
  • Use Cincopa’s Video Heatmap to track each individual contact’s engagement with your content.
  • Create HubSpot workflows using Cincopa Video player analytics events.
  • Segment into qualification lists using video viewing events

Empower your Hubspot with Cincopa Read more about the integration

Set up your Cincopa HubSpot video integration

Video Speed Controller – Half-speed (0.5x)

1 Jan 2018

You can now allow users to slow down your video speed to half-speed (0.5X), This is a basic requirement for accessibility and we highly promote its use, so all of your viewers can equally enjoy your video content. Speed Controller Feature – Read more

Video Right Click - Share link + Thumbnail

1 Jan 2018

You and your viewers can now easily share a thumbnail which will direct to your website where the video is originally embeded in. Simply right click a live video and paste it on to your CMS\website for sharing.