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What our customers think about Cincopa

  • ”1. Excellent quality templates 2. Large choice of templates 3. Diverse media support 4. Comprehensive UI 5. Excellent Customer Service 6. Reasonable and intelligent pricing and package offers 7. Large internet network embedding support 8. Fast loading response time 9. Easy and fast uploading 10. Fairly large customization threshold with just some minor constraints for some templates.”
  • ”I like the product and the support staff is excellent”
  • ”I been using Cincopa for my photography and film clients. It is a reliable service with great gallery functions, fast and reliable and very easy to use. The support has always been fast whenever needed and i would highly recommend Cincopa to anyone looking for a great way to showcase their work.”
  • ”Price and reliability. You folks have yet to disappoint.”
  • ”It is so easy to use your slide shows and insert into a web site. Normally quite a lot of image preparation needs to be done in advance. Cincopa was intuitive and easy.”
  • ”It's a fantastic hassle free way of integrating content such as stills and video into your website the way you want it to look. I am an Artist so I can concentrate on the creativity with the peace of mind that my work will look great online”
  • ”Your service is easy to use and the results are spectacular.”
  • ”Absolutely excellent set of features,very easy to Navigate around the website if you are computer literate. Everything works without complications and dramatically improves the quality of design and appeal of the content of my website using your services. I am delighted to of discovered CINCOPA. Io.”
  • ”Cincopa is easy to use and the templates are great! Very happy with this product.”
  • ”It has been really helpful in building my site, flexibility and customization I am looking for. I also enjoy the analytics section”
  • ”Very good platform, has the necessary features to interact.”
  • ”The platform is easy to use and implement.”
  • ”Clear layout, simple to use, getting help is quick and straight forward.”
  • ”The interface is very easy to learn and I like how the newly added files automatically sync to my website.”
  • ”Very powerful.”
  • ”You solved an aesthetic nightmare that our web developer could not manage to deal with.”
  • ”Transitioning from slideshow pro couldn't be easier. I was dreading how much time it would take but it was literally one click per gallery. You saved me what I expected would be days of tedious development time. Thank you!”
  • ”I find it a good tool for my website. Also it's easy to use. So anyone can use it. The support team was always there to help.”
  • ”This is just a godsend for me. I Rainier posted their video files to various video hosting sites - YouTube, Vimeo and others, but your just super! Nor any advertising and gallery is very simple and convenient. Now here I found out about different methods of security. Thank you. Thank you.”
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