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The simplest way to manage and put videos on your website.

Easily, beautifully and professionally display video content on any platform and device.

Upload, host, manage and embed your videos from a single platform combining simple interface with advanced Video marketing, monetization, syndication and analytics tools.

Video asset management

Easily upload, manage and publish video content.

Cincopa offers an enterprise-grade video management platform to upload, manage and publish your video content to your Site, Platform and to your social channels.

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Video Uploading

Quickly upload multiply videos using multiply means.

A variety of video upload methods enable you to send multiple media files of any size and format to Cincopa at a time.

  • Upload videos from desktop or mobile device;
  • Record and upload video directly from a webcam or mobile.
  • Video Uploader Iframe to upload files directly from inside your App.
  • Upload video via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Instagram.
  • Grab videos from public websites via uploading from URL.
  • Take advantage of FTP transferring when you need to upload a big number of heavy video files. Use our

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Video Embedding

Embed videos on your website, CMS, LMS and emails with Cincopa's Responsive iFrame and HTML5 Video Embed.

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Video CDN

Responsive video gallery templates and Html5 video player.

Deliver consistent video streaming quality and speed at scale, globally with Cincopa’s Video CDN. The CDN is an integral part of the platform, ensuring viewers worldwide enjoy high-quality video playback without crashes or delays.

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Video Monetization

Maximizing video revenue with a variety of tools – Video Ads, Subscription and pay-per-view for different devices.

  • Monetize your video content either on your site with video syndication.
  • Insert third-party ads, promote your own brand or connect with ad networks and partners.
  • Enjoy multiply means of Video Ads – Manual ad insertion, Server Side Ad-insertion, Vast 2.0 integration or request a custom integration with your ad serving network.

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Video Analytics

Track visitors, Audience and optimize your video content based on actionable data.

Generate and Market your Video content more effectively using Video Analytics and video Heatmap on a User, Audience and on a real-time Feed. Enjoy easy-to-act-on data and generate reports on engagement, views and usage.

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