About Cincopa

For all our fellow Cincopians who find themselves wondering how to correctly pronounce the name of their favorite multimedia solution, here’s a little phonetic help. Cincopa is pronounced like this: [sin-koh-pa]

Our Technical Vision

Founded in 2006, Cincopa is a multimedia-platform provider of high-quality video hosting, digital asset, and website management tools. Offering an extensive variety of responsive photo galleries, slideshows, audio/video players, as well as top-notch hosting and distribution services, Cincopa is a leading website enhancement platform for Wordpress and other popular CMS integrations.

Focused on uncompromising excellence, Cincopa is passionately dedicated to providing its customers with an all-inclusive rich media solution for their sites and blogs, while also helping to ensure measured growth in users’ engagement rates, SEO results, and website traffic.

Cincopa strives to provide the best possible user experience on all mobile devices and screen sizes around the globe by integrating an exceptional content delivery network, high-end security technologies, and automatic encoding systems.

Our Service Values

We are proud to provide services to a wide-range of clients located across the globe. Individuals and companies using Cincopa include: online media firms, website developers, bloggers, e-Commerce site owners, retailers, online magazines, musicians, photographers, TV and radio stations, banks, insurance companies and large corporations.

Our customers are our most important asset, and providing a fully automated, digital asset system for both technically savvy and novice site developers is the cornerstone of our existence. Our platform gives our users complete control over both the appearance and performance of their online media through a set of robust yet friendly wizards – guiding them through the creation, appearance and publishing of their online digital content. Ultimately, we want Cincopa clients to spend more time building their followings and less time building their websites.