Radio On-air and On-line: Use Cincopa for Radio Stations Shows and Podcasts

Do you want to take your radio station to the next level and to provide both on-air and on-line services? Now you can give your listeners the possibility of re-runs at their fingertips with Cincopa’s solution for radio station shows and podcasts.

Your radio station is online for few years now, but you feel that you somehow missed the digital train? Well, most likely, that is true. Having a website for your radio will enable your users to follow your station anytime, not only within the specific time frames of each show. In this way, your listeners will be able to check up their favourite shows a few hours later, from your gallery. Cincopa will give a twist to your radio and will boost your visibility online.

Bandcamp Audio Player

Cincopa offers you the complete streaming solution for business solution, with Upload and Play it Later alternative. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but it will ultimately help you gain new traffic and keep close the users that for some sort of various reasons couldn’t be reached. Let’s say your listeners missed your live show, Cincopa will be a reliable tool for your radio station, giving you the possibility to embed the podcasts of your recorded shows for their later access.

Using fast and reliable streaming, Cincopa's Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to ensure the maximum usability of your uploaded radio podcasts. Therefore, your station will be streaming high quality podcasts with the least buffering possible. As a bonus, in addition to your loyal listeners, you will attract new ones, using solely the content uploaded with Cincopa.

Responsive Audio Player

Skins Make the Difference

Cincopa gives you the possibility to optimize your radio station’s website based on your users preferences. In this way, you can pick up a fully customizable audio streaming player from Cincopa’s exhaustive collection. You have a vast range of changes at your hand: size, colors, controls, layout and if you are CSS savvy, you can go ahead and complete the customizations as you please.

In addition, you can add skins for your audio players and relevant podcasts to any of your radio shows, making your product attractive and outstanding.

Radio Shows on Each Device

Traditional radio was stuck in “one device fits it all”, but adapting to the mobile environment and digital landscape, radio broadcasting developed a more responsive and scalable rate of penetration. In a nutshell: you can now listen radio from any device which is connected to the internet.

Your radio’s website can make a difference using Cincopa solution. With a mobile-friendly audio player skin, based on a HTML5 code, your radio will become a responsive, attractive medium. Adapted to any screen size and portable device, the player supports all popular music formats and can be embedded in 300+ social channels, any HTML page and various CMS. Hence, people can even embed their favourite radio show on their website, giving you access to additional traffic.

Cincopa makes sure that your files are fully optimized for all browsers, screens and mobile devices. Automatically encoding your files in multiple resolutions, Cincopa’s solution for radio stations shows and podcasts enables the highest video CDN quality and perfect user experience.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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