Modern restaurant website solutions ideas with Cincopa video and image host

A modern restaurant relies not only on a great localization in commonly visited places in the center, or beautiful alleyways in the old town, but on a well done website that underlines the advantages of our restaurant, or in some cases mitigate disadvantages of less popular localization. The promotional aspect of such a website is unquestionable and a good one also spares time of your client, letting them choose restaurant menu on website and reserve a table. With this and other features, possible to place on your website, steps out Cincopa, with our innovative video and image hosting proposal.

Restaurant menu gallery

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Restaurant slideshow gallery

To present your clients a well done website of your restaurant, you should consider making a restaurant gallery that consists of indoor and outdoor photos, capturing the inimitable feeling of your place. Cincopa offers here a photo gallery, very easy to establish and maintain. We try to take as many technical difficulties from our users as possible; therefore our solutions are intuitive and easy to use. To embed a gallery to your website you just have to upload your photos to your Cincopa account, choose a skin for it and place a simple code generated for your website anywhere you wish. Would you decide to add further photos, from an important event happening in your restaurant, the code will be updated automatically, making your adding restaurant photos to website easy. What is more, the photos you add are resized by our solution, sparing your time and nerves. Of course if would you have any questions, like for example how to embed restaurant menu, our dedicated customer support will guide you through the process.

Restaurant video gallery

Great restaurant demands also exceptional website solutions, to excel over your competition and to gather a constant flow of clients. To aid this plan, Cincopa offers adding videos to your website. With Cincopa your video will be tied to your website, not placed on a mass video hosting website and lost among thousands of others. Your video will be placed on one of our servers located worldwide to deliver them anytime they are needed at the fastest possible speed. Just like with the images, their uploading and embedding is as easy as possible.

With Cincopa you are completely in control while choosing skin, video player as well as sizes, color and many other features. Of course all resizing and optimization is done automatically. We aim to leave you only with the problem of choosing the best photo and video content for your website that will leave your customers in love with your restaurant. Just like with a well served dinner, the key to success is presenting your advantages in a plausible way, the way that Cincopa offers you today.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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