Cincopa Launches New eLearning Course Content Drip Feature

Lock videos until all of the previous ones have been completed.

We’re back with our May feature releases and ready to drop one of our most highly requested features! Cincopa’s new Course Content Drip is here to make your life easier and your learners’ experience more structured and engaging. Whether you’re an educator or an online course administrator, this feature is designed to ensure your students follow a predefined learning path and achieve their educational goals efficiently.

Creating a Seamless Learning Journey

With the Course Content Drip feature, you can create courses and arrange them in the exact sequence you’d like your learners to follow. This means your students will progress through the material in a linear fashion, ensuring they build their knowledge step by step. No more skipping ahead or missing crucial information – each video must be completed before moving on to the next.

Why we created this feature

The Course Content Drip feature addresses several challenges that educators and admin users commonly face. Without this feature, admins have little control over how learners take video courses. Which can lead to disorganized learning paths and gaps in knowledge, and who wants that!? Additionally, if admins want learners to take courses at certain intervals, they have to manually post the courses on specific dates. This can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Without visibility into learners’ progress, it’s challenging to track student’s achievements and identify areas where they might need additional support. Upcoming tools like our Learner’s Profile and Scorecard will provide valuable insights into each learner’s journey, helping you to better manage and support your students.

Key Benefits of our new course content drip feature

Locked Videos

One of the standout features of the Course Content Drip is the ability to lock videos. Learners can’t watch the next video until they’ve completed the current one. This ensures that students follow the course in the intended order, building on their knowledge incrementally. Educators can rest easy knowing that their carefully structured curriculum is being followed exactly as designed.

Educator Control

Admins and educators often struggle with controlling how learners consume video courses. With locked videos, you can ensure that learners stay on track and don’t skip vital steps. This structured approach helps in reinforcing key concepts and promotes better retention of information.

Coming Soon: Even More Powerful Features

Learner’s Profile

We’re excited to introduce the Learner’s Profile feature, which will provide a dedicated space for admin users to check each learner’s progress. With this feature, you’ll be able to quickly pull up a learner’s profile and follow their learning path, making it easier to offer personalized support and guidance.


Another upcoming feature is the Scorecard, which will give admin users an overview of course completion. This bird’s eye view will help you monitor the learning progress of all registered students, making it simple to identify who might need extra help or who is excelling.

Automatic Content Drip (Scheduled Release)

Soon, you’ll be able to schedule content to be published on specific dates ahead of time with the Automatic Content Drip feature. This means you can plan your courses well in advance and ensure that learners take them at preset intervals. No more manual posting or worrying about keeping up with the schedule – it’s all automated!


Cincopa’s Course Content Drip feature is designed to provide a more structured and engaging learning experience. By ensuring that learners follow a linear progression, educators can reinforce key concepts and enhance knowledge retention. The upcoming features will further empower admin users with tools to monitor and support their students effectively.

Originally published on June 5th, 2024
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Cincopa Launches New eLearning Course Content Drip Feature

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