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The Lucky Ones is a short-form video series and social platform which explores the relationships with those we have loved and lost. Established by film producer Joseph Alvaro and Pulitzer Prize finalist film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, The Lucky Ones operates as an original streaming platform, self-labeled
The latter is home to a series of 5-minute video exposés revolving around deceased family members or friends along with TLO Street Stories, 60-second interviews of people sharing why they’re one of The Lucky Ones.These videos are posted on The Lucky One’s social channels along with Mindful Minutes, which are themed compilations from interviews.These interviews are then hosted on the streaming platform. Viewers are also able to upload their own 30-90 second video stories, in which they share their continuing bonds with loved ones.

TLO site visitors are greeted with heartwarming videos,
such as this one,
all hosted by Cincopa


The search for the perfect platform

Right from the beginning, The Lucky Ones was intended to be a video platform. All primary and ancillary activities geared towards promoting the site and its cause would have to heavily-incorporate and feature video; social posts, email campaigns, and various web pages.

Relying on free video streaming and hosting was not a viable possibility.

Recommended content, along with distracting, out-of-place ads, staples of said solutions, would prove unconducive to the site’s intended message and purpose.

Additionally, the need to monitor user-generated videos would require a more secure solution.

Videos would need to be uploaded to the site on a frequent basis. Once there,
The Lucky Ones’ managing brass would need assurance for iteslf, and the videos’ subjects that no third party would gain physical access to them. The viewing experience would have to be elegantly delineated to online streaming.


A great cause deserves a great video platform

Having conducted market research, The Lucky Ones’ managing board found Cincopa to be the most desirable video solution; properly addressing all video-related issues at an affordable price.Immediately gravitating towards Cincopa’s ease-of-use on the backend side,The Lucky Ones designates specific personnel to upload and maintain videos through the video hosting platform’s Assets tab.The quick, straightforward embedding process streamlines an incredibly intuitive user experience. Once a video player template is selected, all that is left is to copy and paste an embed code tailored to The Lucky Ones’ site’s CMS.A deciding factor in The Lucky Ones opting to rely on Cincopa is the latter’s sleek aesthetic. Offering the website administrators a wide array of video players and templates, Cincopa perfectly complements the site’s vibrant, clean and positive feel and design.

Finally, The Lucky Ones plans on utilizing Cincopa’s closed captions and chapters. Designed to enhance visitors’ user experience, these features will facilitate higher future engagement.


“We spoke with many video hosting platforms, exploring their capabilities and compatibility
for hosting our content.
Cincopa is the only one we found
that met all our criteria.
The level of service & responsiveness
from Cincopa is exceptional.
We never have to worry.”

Joseph Alvaro