Video: The Key to Just-in-time Learning

You’ve had that just-in-time moment, the one where you got exactly what you needed at exactly the right time.

How satisfying was that?

As an organization, you want to provide the same satisfactory aspects of training among your employees. This is where just-in-time learning comes in.


Just-in-time learning is a new method of learning that allocates readily-available training content, tailored to the needs of an individual trainee. This means that any employee can get just-in-time training exactly how and when he or she require it.


Looking back, learning management systems have seen a continuous change in trend. There was a time online learning was an inconceivable thought. Moreover, traditional learning management systems placed the trainer or the tutor at the center of the learning process.

Today, the sharing economy,  coupled with the internet economy are leading a traditionally rigid industry to make progressive strides forward.

Modern learners have broken the barriers of training and development:
Instead of the trainer creating content they can house, deliver, and track, the learner is placed at the center of the learning process. Moreover, training content is curated, collected, and then placed in a learning experience platform that offers a personalized learner experience.

Ensuring learners can access training any time they want is the epitome of just-in-time learning. And at the center of just-in-time learning is bite-sized learning.



Why bite-sized learning?

Think about modern employees: They are busy, versatile, and good at multitasking. This is a group that is also known to have a short attention span. Therefore, the best way to reach these learners is to go beyond traditional elearning methods.

In a survey conducted by the Rapid learning institute, 94% of professionals in the learning and development field admitted that their learners prefer bite-sized learning modules. This is in preference to the standard e-learning modules that run for at least 30 minutes.


Modern learners are in a fast-paced working environment. Moreover, they are distracted, overloaded with information, and impatient. Modern learners also want the information to be provided to them in the same way they consume other types of information.

Bite-sized training is an excellent way to make this happen. Firstly, it is engaging. It becomes easy for learners to take in sized learning psychologically. Therefore, attending the training comes naturally to the learners.

Secondly, the bite-sized method of training encourages participation. This is because it appeals to the individual interests of the learner, it breaks down the concepts, and it achieves the learning objective faster.

Third, the bite-sized module helps put the information learned into practice faster. It takes less mental effort for a person to learn something from bite-sized chunks than from an entire e-learning course.

Lastly, bite-sized learning is convenient because it facilitates mobile learning. Remember, at the center of just-in-time learning is the learner that demands information to be made accessible on the go. One way to do this is to ensure they have the training content available via mobile.



There is no better way to provide this type of information than through the use of videos.

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Training videos

One report determined that videos are effective and powerful for passing information at a lower cost. Besides, it is easier to facilitate bite-sized learning through videos than through text.

This is why more businesses are incorporating video platforms as part of their learning management systems and authoring tools. Additionally, extensive video courses can be segmented into sized portions when they are in video form.

Moreover, bite-sized training videos are perfect for just-in-time learning because they are accessible to the learner whenever they are needed. This is because they are available on mobile devices outside or within the workplace.

This means that your salesperson can have the luxury of learning the tips of pitching a sale when they are on their way to the customer. Additionally, a busy worker can find time to watch your bite-sized video in between their busy schedule.


The benefits of having an employee training video are endless. Apart from boosting work productivity, they also enhance teamwork. It is also effortless for an instructional designer to create a video for training with tools, such as Cincopa Online Video Course.


Easy to use and maneuver, this feature can be accessed by employee anytime of the day, regardless of where he or she is. Moreover, it can facilitate your employees’ ongoing initiatives to improve their skills and work better as a team.

RecTrace will allow any member of your organization to create an informative video. A skilled employee can record bite-sized learning videos using RecTrace and upload them on the company’s Cincopa account.


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Once uploaded, any employee will have access to the training video at their convenience. This shared learning experiences will work effectively to improve employee engagement with the company.


Final thoughts and takeaways

If you want your business to succeed in 2020, you may have no option but to incorporate just-in-time learning in your training and development process. Relevant learning information is continuously experiencing a decline in shelf life.

You need to keep this information active within your company through the confines of bite-sized video learning. And the best way to do it is through a video platform and recording tools.

Originally published on June 29th, 2020, updated on August 3rd, 2020
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Video: The Key to Just-in-time Learning

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