Easily divide your videos
into chapters

Create more meaningful engagment and provide better user experience by helping your viewers find what interests them the most. Use analytics to measure which chapters perform best.

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What are chapters?

Simply put, video chapters are where you split a video into sections, with different titles that are visible across the timeline and as a contents image, too.

Adding chapters to your videos mean you could easily upload a file of a recent interesting conference a member of your staff spoke at. But, rather than just let the whole video play on for an hour or so, you can break it down into chapters. This also generates a list of contents and users can easily select the section/s they’re interested in and watch them.

You can also use each new chapter to insert some additional information, such as a summary of what’s to come, an infographic or a relevant quote.

Chapters for Education, training and webinars

Chaptering can also ensure everyone gets the most out of any educational videos, such as guides, how to’s, training or webinars, you create.

Oftentimes, viewers know very little about what they are about to watch and their typical behavier is to jump forward, trying to find the interesting bits. In most cases this leads to poor engagment and bounce.With Cincopa Video Timeline, the problem is solved.

Increase engagment quality and quantity

Let your users skip to the parts of the videos you make that interest them and their requirements. This increases total play time, reduce bounce and create more meaninful video engagment with your content

Users can easily navigate the video timeline chatper markers to see preview thumbnails with included title and description or select from the chapters playlist

Use Cincopa advanced video analytics to measure engagement across each chapter and understand which subjects and segments perform best to optimize and gain insights for future content creation and use our video heatmaps to identify specific sections a prospect found interesting.

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Share more events with your uses

Indeed, chaptering is so versatile that you can add almost any video of a relevant event to your site, complete with chapters, with the Cincopa app. This will allow your users to enjoy their favourite part of a sporting event, speech or meeting.

This way, you’re not flooding all your users with a blanket of information they still need to filter through. You do the initial filtering for them, making it easy for them get to the spot they want to.

They’ll thank you for your hard work by returning to your site and engaging with the content you send them. And eventually, by becoming a new or returning customer.

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