CRM - Saleforce, Zendesk

Cincopa app for Salesforce

With Cincopa App for Salesforce you can upload videos, images, audios, and rich media collections to any object, chatter and community forum. You can even create complex multimedia galleries, slideshows, video portals by simply dragging and dropping media assets. All you need is install Cincopa's App, select a template and upload media.

Start with Cincopa - Saleforce integration. Here are some Video's to get you inspired.

Cincopa app for Zendesk

Cincopa app for Zendesk makes it easier to communicate with your online customers and provide them with high-level support. You can add videos, images, audios, podcasts, slideshows, and multimedia galleries, directly to your Zendesk tickets. Multimedia content improves your support by making your communication more informative, so your customers will often be able to find answers to their questions without taking too much of your time.

The main benefits of using Cincopa app for Zendesk:

  • Quick app installation and configuration;
  • Add any type of multimedia to your tickets directly from Zendesk ticket interface;
  • Customizable thumbnail preview;
  • Record and upload video from your device to your tickets via Cincopa;
  • Share direct links to your multimedia with online customers;
  • All media content is stored safely in your Cincopa account.