Welcome Salesforce users

Cincopa for Salesforce allows you to add videos, images and audios to your Salesforce's cloud, applications and workflow. Media can be viewed internally and in any of your portals. Salesforce1 for mobile and Lightning platform is seamlessly supported.


Cincopa allows Salesforce users to attach videos, images, audio and files to any Salesforce object. Cincopa offers your organization a simple drag and drop interface to upload and share videos, images, audio and large files directly from within your Salesforce objects.

Check our Salesforce demo videos for more info.

Any object like leads, accounts, contacts, products, emails, cases can now contain rich media that is attached to it. The media can be viewed directly from within the object's page. Integration with the Salesforce content library is also available.

Portals integration - add videos, slideshows and audio to your public knowledge base, Customer portal, partners portal and community, self-service portal and sites.
Cincopa JSON-LD and SEO tags support can boost your organic search result on your customer portal and knowledge base with media rich listing.
Service Cloud users can upload videos, images and audio to a contact, case or account records and then have the contact able to view it directly in the Customer Community

Sales reps can send video emails to prospects and later track engagement of the specific prospect with this video using our advance analytics tracking tool. Upload and share videos within Chatter and track video engagement data.

Any type of video file, audio or image is supported. Content is stored in a highly secured environment and hosted in a tier 1 data centers. There are many methods to upload content including bulk uploads, mobile upload and directly record from desktop webcam.

Your attached rich media is also available from Salesforce1 mobile application and Lightning platform.