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Generate Email Leads

Generate Email Leads from Video

Lead Generator can be enabled directly from the video gallery editor displaying a user-friendly email form that pops up at the desired point of your video playlist. It allows you to select timing (for example, display the form after the first or last video, after 25%, 50% or 75% of the playlist), customize form name and text message, use your own HTML or URL form, allow viewers to skip the form or gate your content by making it non-skippable.

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Build Email Lists

Build Email Lists

One of the most crucial Lead Generator features is full email list building automation. You can easily connect your account with an external email marketing platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact. All data submitted by video viewers into the email form will be saved automatically to a specified email list. Whenever you decide to launch an email delivery campaign, you can do it right away since all required information is ready to use for you.

Track Leads

Track Leads with Video Analytics

Cincopa Video Analytics keeps track of all your email leads and helps you to get a detailed insight about every specific viewer. The Live Feed section represents a list of all video viewers, including those who shared contact information with you. Their details can be found on the User Screen: email address, first and last name, unique ID which can be edited manually, video viewing summary, activity time, average engagement, location, IP address, operating system and browser version. All these stats will be extremely useful to your business helping you to creative effective personalized email messages for your leads.

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