Cincopa OTT Platform

Cincopa OTT Platform, which stands for ‘Over the Top’, uses a technology delivering the highest-quality video and audio content from a single central managing dashboard to multiple streaming devices via the Internet.

At the heart of Cincopa OTT, there’s a managing media assets dashboard that interacts with multiple consumer applications supported by different types of media streaming devices. Using the dashboard, content providers can define which multimedia to share via consumer apps. They can share media assets per item or make all their content available to users.

Cincopa’s consumer apps run on different streaming platforms such as iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and more. Based on our users’ needs and demands, we develop new applications to enable media providers to stream their content on an extensive range of modern devices.


Main advantages of Cincopa OTT Platform:

multi platform access

Your users will be able to view multimedia anywhere, anytime, on any device.

manage with ease

You’ll be able to create new viewing channels in just a few clicks.

real analytics

Advanced video analytics is fully integrated with the Cincopa OTT Platform, helping you to better understand your audience and to improve your video content in terms of marketing effectiveness and user engagement.

Cincopa OTT feature set

video player
Upload once, broadcast anywhere.
Excellent viewing experience cross multiple streaming devices.
Complete control over content distribution across multiple domains and streaming devices.
Easily add or remove content from the OTT service, create new viewing playlist (channels) in a few clicks, no overhead that comes with supporting more multiple streaming devices.
Simple integration with any platform containing an API on a user base, intelligence about any activity in the OTT device, full control over all users’ actions with the central dashboard.
Visualized insights across all devices and platforms. Detailed analytics for all embedded videos in a selected timeframe. Use video heatmaps to track engagement and figure out which of your videos perform better. Get detailed information about every. video viewer, including their IP address, location, viewing stats, and engagement.
One central managing assets dashboard to manage all your video and audio content.