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Boost internal communication and training effectiveness with Video

Engage, onboard and retain employees and potential hires.
Communicate internally better using video.

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Create engaging videos and video presentations with Cincopa Rectrace

Cincopa’s video screen recorder for Chrome lets you record yourself and your screen at the same time, seperatly or just record a voice narrated video to convey messages, produce explainer videos and even report bugs
allowing you to create engaging videos on the fly and instantly share it on your website, portal and even on social as a video thumbnail or as an embeded video player

You can easily create videos to:

  • Onboard new staff.
  • Complete essential, regular staff training.
  • Share important company updates and messages.
  • Provide technical support for your team for common system problems.
  • Produced personalized videos.
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Communicate better with internal video

Start focusing on onward-facing videos to keep your team up-to-date with projects, clients, product roadmap, new features and company policy.

Done right, your internal training videos will become a valuable resource for your employees and for you to engage with them.

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Track your videos

When you share your video as a video email or on embeded on one of our intergrated email platforms, your able to feed information back to Cincopa and track user level viewing on who watched what, when and for how long. This is a useful tool to help you understand who was engaged with your videos.


Once you recorded your internal videos you can use password protection, domain lock and further private hosting features to protect your content and deliver it privatly within your organization.

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