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Video Watermark

A video watermark is often your company’s logo, which sits as an overlay on top of your video.

Our video watermark feature is highly customizable, It can appear throughout the video, after a set number of seconds or when the user hovers their mouse over the video as it plays. You decide which option works best for you.

Video Branding — Increase Brand Awareness

Video sharing is a big part of online video marketing. To get the best result, it’s essential that when your video is watched and shared across the web, especially on social - that it’s clear where the video came from — a watermarked video will do just that and will also help raise brand awareness.

Video Copyright Protection — Combating Video Piracy

A video watermark makes it that much harder for a video pirates to recapture your video and claim it as his own, meaning that it reduces your risk of losing revenue duo to theft or someone taking credit on something you worked so hard to produce.

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Drive Traffic with Clickable watermark

Looking to get more out of your watermark? You can even drive traffic by making the logo clickable, sending Viewers back to your site when your videos is embeded on a partner’s site or featured on a guest blog.

Watermark Entire Video Galleries

Don’t sweat doing repetitive work. Set your watermark once, Apply to all of your gallery’s videos

How to add a video watermark

Adding a video watermark with Cincopa couldn’t be simpler.

  • Insert Your Logo URL. Preferably a transparent PNG graphics.
  • Choose its Position
  • Set whether its clickable, and if so where should the click direct

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