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Cincopa Analytics-Overview

Video Analytics by Cincopa is the ultimate source of insights into the online performance of your videos. Here, you can see where video views originated, how your audience interacted with your content, view detailed stats for each video asset, group them by web page, domain, and country and much, much  more.

Understanding how your audience interacts with your video content is a key-component en route to successful marketing. With Cincopa’s new Video Analytics, you can be sure that your videos not only look great but also deliver excellent marketing results. The latter will always depend on how well you comprehend viewers’ preferences and use this intelligence to create really engaging video content.

Video Analytics can be broken down into several sections, providing different categories of insights.

Here is a quick overview to understand what every section shows us:


Here you can see all of your videos, and zer0-in on the dates you would like to investigate.

You also have the overview of your total plays for all of your content, here:

-Unique plays refer to viewers who watched the video for the first time

-Plays refer to viewers who watched a video more than once (which is great!)

-Where your videos were embedded, from which devices most viewers watched them, your viewers’ location and more

Live Feed:

Here, you can gain access to detailed information regarding each and every user who has watched your video.

This info includes the country he or her watched your video in, view date, video asset name, a web page where the video was played, IP, and engagement rates.

Video Heatmaps:

The video heatmap screen helps you understand how your audience interacts with a video. It shows how the number of views and engagement rate changes as users proceed with watching the video.

Here, you can also check information regarding customization dates, for a full understanding of how every one of your video performs.

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