Gallery Title – This field is for your internal use only. It won’t be visible to your users. Give your gallery a name that will help you find it in the future.

Gallery Description – This field is for your internal use and helps with SEO tools only. It won’t be visible to your users. Describe your gallery in a way that will help you find it in the future.

Thumb Width Size – size of item thumbnails

Max Width – width of your gallery. Can be set in % or px, if is left empty then width will be automatically assumed to 100%.


Main CSS – Open CSS Editor to dirrecty edit gallery CSS code

Add text – add text on thumbnails:

– none –will display no text

– Title – will display caption of media files

– Description – will display description of media files

– Title and description- will display caption and description of media files

Social Sharing icons – can enable or disable any social sharing icon as needed

Hover action – a small boxed text message pops up when the mouse cursor hovers over the thumbnail

– none – no text box is displayed

– Tooltip with title – on hover text box with caption is displayed

– Tooltip with description – on hover text box with description is displayed

– Simple hover – works only on image media files

– Hover with title – on hover text box with caption is displayed

– Flip – on flip item thumb turns over with a sudden quick movement

Lightbox text – enable title/description when media file opens in Lightbox

Item open action – select action on item click: none, related URL or lightbox

Related URL in new tab–  Cincopa supports adding external links to images in your galleries and can choose either to open or not in a new tab.

Shuffle items – media files are randomized each time user previews gallery

Group by: type of item (audio, video, image) or by added tags

By Type: 


By Tags: 

Tags order – none, ascending, descending

Items amount – display files amount in group

Gallery alignment – choose your gallery alignment: left, right, center

Thumbs per page –  you can split your media files or tagged groups on several

Pagination options – pages display:  with numbers, with previous/next buttons, with ‘Load more’ button.pages.

Player Control

Show Play/Pause Button – By changing the toggle button to “Off” the “Play/Pause” button won’t be visible in the player control

Share button – Use share buttons to grab your visitors attention and increase sharing across devices – enable share in video player

Subtitle – show/hide subtitles in video player

Show Fullscreen Button – show/hide fullscreen button in video player

Show Volume Button – show/hide volume button in video player

Show time control – By changing the toggle button to “On” the time control indicating video length and time progress will become visible in the video player control

Show Progress Indication Bar – show/hide progress indication bar in video player

Controls color – customize theme color for your video player controls


Watermark – Choose watermark placement over the player. If you don’t need watermark leave the default “I don’t need watermark”.

Watermark URL – Type in the watermark file direct URL.

Watermark Click URL – Type in the click URL (target site URL when clicking the watermark).


Allow Download – Allow user to download and save all files.

* Resized zip contains photos resized to 600×450, videos in mp4 format and music in original sampling.

NOTE: For more details about gallery zip download please click here.

Domain Lock – Allow this gallery to appear only in the domains on this list. This will prevent others from grabbing your gallery to their site.
Type a list of domains separated by comma or leave empty to allow all domains.
No need for http://

Domain Lock Message – Message to be displayed when the gallery is locked, leave empty to keep the default message.

NOTE: For more details about domain lock please click here.

Password – Protected your gallery with a password. Give it to your users and only they will be able to access the content.

iFrame – Enable this option if the gallery is not working properly inside a page and the gallery will be placed in a HTML iframe.

Track Events with GA – When On the gallery will post events directly to your Google Analytics account where you can get detailed infromation about user engagement.

Search Box – Add a search box above the gallery to allow user to search the gallery.

NOTE: For more details about adding a search box to your gallery please click here.

Right-Click Protection – Lock the right click to prevent downloading and saving your content or allow user to download and save individual files from your gallery

Right-Click Text – The text users will see on Right-Click.

Right-Click URL – Type in the Right-Click URL (target site URL when click on ‘Right-Click Text’)

Download size – Allow user to download individual files from your gallery. * Photos resized to 600×450, videos in mp4 format, audio in mp3 fromat or choose original size of uploaded item

NOTE: For more details about how to add right-click to your gallery or enable individual download for your files please click here.