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Gallery Embed VS Asset Embed

Cincopa’s flexibility enables various ways of embedding video to your site, both by player embedding and by asset embedding.


This is the standard way of embedding where you will create a new player for each individual video you upload.

This is how a typical gallery embed might look

Asset Embedding (using a player)

This is a great way of utilizing a player with multiply videos when you need the same exact player settings. We recommend you use this method when even you want a consistent look & feel on your website and do not require a player’s Lead Generation option.

There you will find a list of players you’ve created.  You will notice that some players are categorized as presets to make them easy to find.

This is done by assigning the term “Preset” to a player’s tag.


Now select this player from the list and an embed code associating the player with the video will be automatically created.

This is how a typical code might look

For Lead Generation

When it comes to the single videos which don’t require different unique player settings for each, For example:

  • Video A requires the Lead Generation form to appear on 01:03
  • Video B will require the Lead Generation form to appear on 00:32

In this case, We recommend creating an individual player for each, assigning a video asset to it and embedding it as a gallery.

For changing a video without re-embedding

This is where a gallery embed fits well as you can embed once and change the content of the player to any video you want, at any time, without touching the embed code.  So if you’re in a situation where a developer or an external marketing team owns the website and you don’t have direct access to make changes, this is a great option.



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