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Google Analytics Video & Audio Tracking

Cincopa allows users to track their videos, galleries, images, audio analytics data by allowing them to integrate with their Google Analytics account.

Getting Started

To get started, users need to have media in their Cincopa account and also an active Google Analytics account. You can create an account from this URL: https://analytics.google.com.

It is important for you to add the Google Analytics Tracking Code to your website before you enable Google Analytics with Cincopa and track the Cincopa media activities.

You can go through this Google Article for more information on website integration: https://support.google.com/analytics/topic/1726910?hl=en&ref_topic=3544906


Why Google Analytics Integration?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. When Integrated with Cincopa media items, users get Google Analytical data for their media like a number of views, number of times audio or video has been played, etc.


The only step we need to take here is to enable the ‘Track Events with GA’ option that is available through the Global Settings tab on your Account Dashboard. Once this setting is turned on, the website that the embedded content is available on will automatically fire events to your Google Analytics account. You must also ensure that the Google Analytics Tracking Code has been added to the website in order for this to work.


Once you have an active Google Analytics Tracking Code added to your website and added a Gallery with Google Analytics Enabled, you can follow these steps to check the user activity data:

1. Login and access to your Google Analytics Account: https://analytics.google.com/

2. Click on Realtime >> Events >> Cincopa Galleries

3. Here you can view all the activities


Which events are fired with Google Analytics Integration?

Please find below the list of Cincopa events that are fired while your Cincopa media is been accessed:

Event Description
gallery.view Fires when user viewed the gallery
video.play {video_title}({video_id}) Fires when video starts
video.play 25% {video_title}({video_id}) Fires when video played 25%
video.play 50% {video_title}({video_id}) Fires when video played 50%
video.play 75% {video_title}({video_id}) Fires when video played 75%
video.play 100% {video_title}({video_id}) Fires when video ends
audio.play {audio_title}({audio_id}) Fires when audio starts
audio.play 25% {audio_title}({audio_id}) Fires when audio played 25%
audio.play 50% {audio_title}({audio_id}) Fires when audio played 50%
audio.play 75% {audio_title}({audio_id}) Fires when audio played 75%
audio.play 100% {audio_title}({audio_id}) Fires when audio ends


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