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How to invite users to Workspace / Channel

Below is the steps on how to Invite users to your Tube.

Workspace/Channel user invitation

  1. Head over to your Tube and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Click the workspace/channel settings ( it looks like a gear icon next to the name of your channel or workspace)

  3. Click on Users on the left hand side.

  4. Click on the INVITE button.

  5. Enter the email address of the user in the ‘Find user’ text field.

  6. Select the role type from the ‘Role’ drop-down menu.

  7. Click on Add to send the invitation to join the CincoTube workspace/channel.

  8. Now the user must check the email inbox and accept the user invitation from the CincoTube email.

  9. The user will now register the username and password for the CincoTube account.

  10. Users can now sign in to their CincoTube account with their email address and password.

And that’s it! You can now Invite users to your Tube!

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