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How to link an Anchor in a Video Asset

This article explains how you can enable, create and implement anchors on a video asset. Anchoring is a great way to divide your video asset into various sections and link each section with HTML code on your webpage.

Steps for enabling Anchor Option:

  1. Go to Dashboard and then click on Global settings from the left hand side menu.

  2. Scroll down to the option called “USE THIS OPTION TO CHANGE VIDEOS ANCHOR BEHAVIOUR” and choose Anchor behavior from the drop-down menu.

Steps for creating Anchors in Video Assets using Chapters:

To create anchor points in a video asset; you must first set up chapters for the Chapters for the video (under on-asset options).

Here are the steps for creating chapters for video assets:

  1. Click on Assets option from the top left menu to go to the assets page.

  2. Click on the Video Asset for which you would like to create chapterS/anchor-points.

  3. Click on Chapters and then click on Add chapters link.

  4. Enter the time and title for the chapter/anchor and click Save.

Steps for copying anchor URL for HTML link:

Now that the video asset has been customized with chapters, you can now use the anchor link to create an html link. If you would like to send users to a specific chapter (specific point in a video), you can copy the anchor link and then use that for your html link.

To get the Anchor link please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Video Asset with chapters via the Gallery Account site.

  2. Click on the Chapter (the desired anchor in the video).

  3. Copy the Anchor URL from the browser’s address bar.

Example of how the html link for creating an anchor would look like:

Replace the link within href tag with the link to your video chapter/anchor.

<p>Click <a href="https://sukhneet.cincopa.com/watch/A4HAcLOLOO68!A8HDo4VjU2rN#cprtstatus=_cp_0!channel!A8HDo4VjU2rN!chapter-3">here</a> to watch Chapter 3</p>

Click here to watch Chapter 3

Steps for setting a default video chapter to play using HTML embed code
In order to change the default video/chapter to play in video asset with chapters, the code in lines 5 to 11 from the following screenshot should be added after the embed code and the number next goTo should be changed to the corresponding chapter number to play in the beginning of the video.

Code snippet

func: function (name, data, gallery) {
}, filter: "api.ready" });

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